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Shelter Partnership, Inc
Shelter Partnership, Inc
Shelter Partnership, Inc


Shelter Partnership

The mission of Shelter Partnership is to reduce homelessness in Los Angeles through strengthening organisations that aid the city’s unhoused population. They’ve been providing their partners with a wide range of services for more than 30 years in an effort to achieve their purpose.

The product donation programme is a fundamental part of Shelter Partnership’s work. Donations of new things, such as clothes, personal care products, and home goods, are received via this initiative. They provide these supplies to organisations that aid the homeless, so that those organisations may in turn give them to their clients. Since its beginning, Shelter Partnership has distributed over $300 million in products, making the initiative a resounding success.

Shelter Partnership also provides an invaluable training and technical help programme. To better their partner organisations’ services and activities, they provide training and assistance. Grant writing, programme building, and volunteer administration are all covered in these classes. Help with things like data analysis and programme assessment are just some of the technical services that Shelter Partnership provides.

In addition to providing emergency shelter, Shelter Partnership also has a housing division that assists with a variety of needs linked to the creation of low-cost homes. They collaborate with local governments, nonprofits, and community organisations to plan, design, and fund low-cost housing initiatives. In addition, they help groups who want to create their own low-cost housing developments by offering them technical support.

For those interested in lobbying and public policy, Shelter Partnership provides a number of options. Along with legislators, they strive to improve Los Angeles’s homelessness situation via policy and law. They also do outreach and public education to get people talking about homelessness and rallying behind finding a ssolution

In Los Angeles’ ongoing battle against homelessness, Shelter Partnership has proven to be an invaluable resource. Their all-encompassing approach to the problem is having a positive effect, and their programmes are enhancing the lives of many homeless people and their families.


Address: 520 So. Grand Avenue, Suite 695 Los Angeles, CA 90071


Phone:  2136882188

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