Slough Foodbank


Slough Foodbank

Slough Foodbank is an essential organisation that has been offering assistance to Slough residents since 2010. The food bank has become a beacon of hope for individuals trying to make ends meet due to the escalating financial crisis and food insecurity in the region. Slough Foodbank offers emergency food to individuals in need, collaborating with more than 200 referral organisations to ensure that the most vulnerable members of society get the assistance they deserve.

In addition to providing emergency food supplies, Slough Foodbank collaborates with HESTIA, a domestic violence support group, to assist anyone who may be facing domestic violence. The food bank also collaborates closely with the Slough Children Services Trust, whose mission is to help and safeguard local children.

Also, the food bank provides a variety of extra services to individuals in need. They collaborate with the Green Doctors to provide guidance on reducing petrol and power bills. This assists individuals in lowering their costs and better managing their money. The SPACE consortium (Slough Information and Advice Centre) collaborates with the food bank to provide services such as debt counselling, housing counselling, and benefits counselling.

In addition, the food bank offers a variety of other services, including hot meals, personal hygiene products, and infant necessities. In addition, they give direction to local agencies that might provide extra assistance to people in need.

Slough Foodbank is a critical institution that offers much-needed assistance to persons experiencing financial and food insecurity. They continue to have a positive influence on the lives of individuals in need in the community because to their committed team of volunteers and allies.



Address: 411 Montrose Avenue, Slough SL1 4TJ, UK Office only – food cannot be collected from this address.


Phone:  01753 550303

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