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Solace Women's Aid
Solace Women's Aid


Solace Women’s Aid

To assist women and children in London live free from violence, abuse, and exploitation because of their gender, Solace has been providing services for almost 50 years. The group’s services are tailored to each victim in an effort to both reduce the likelihood of future abuse and violence and to support those who have already experienced it. Solace recognises that leaving an abusive relationship may be very difficult, and the organisation strives to help thousands of women and children each year.

They use a person-centered, empowering approach, walking in solidarity with abuse survivors as they build safe, fulfilling lives for themselves. This group seeks to support and represent all women, not only those who identify as women but also trans women and persons who do not identify as women. Core values of Solace are formed in collaboration with employees and service consumers, and represent the organization’s history.

They are anti-racist and anti-discriminatory, promote diversity and inclusion, and prioritise the voices of survivors. Service recipients have a vital role in shaping organisational policy, and the group has a strong commitment to social justice and human rights. They cooperate with other organisations and aim for constant development.




Safe Refuge and Move On Accommodation

provides women and children who have become homeless due to domestic or sexual violence with a place of refuge and temporary housing.

Ongoing Support

provides survivors with continuing support, including guidance, advocacy, and assistance in reestablishing their lives.

North London Rape Crisis Service

provides a variety of services to women and girls aged 13 and older who have ever suffered sexual violence.

Children and Young People’s Services

provides a variety of services, such as preventative work, to local families and young people.

Counselling and Holistic Therapies

specialises in holistic methods, group therapy, and one-on-one counselling to aid women in their recovery from horrific abuse.

Life Off the Streets Programme

assists the WDU in preventing and addressing women’s rough sleeping.

Specialist Tailored Services

offers specialised, customised treatments for women who are suffering from several disadvantages.





Address: Moore Kingston Smith LLP 9 Appold Street London, EC2A 2AP


Phone:  0808 802 5565

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