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St. Mary’s Food Bank

For over 55 years, St. Mary’s Food Bank has been combating poverty. Since its founding in 1967 by John van Hengel and Kenny Ramsey, the organization has provided sustenance to those in need. Organization is a tax-supported, non-profit organization that operates under the auspices of Feeding America.

The organization distributes food to food pantries, dining halls, and sanctuaries for the destitute. In addition, they offer Children’s Feeding Programs, such as the Kids Cafe, which provide children with food and recreation facilities after school and during the summer. The Community Kitchen is a Organization program that teaches adults how to cook through a nine-week culinary training course. In addition, the Lift program teaches individuals how to succeed in the warehouse and logistics industries.

Through advocacy, education, and collaboration, the Organization combat starvation. They strive to provide individuals and families in need with nutritious sustenance. Everyone should have access to nutritious sustenance, and the organization strives to make that a reality for everyone they serve.

Donations are essential for the effective operation of Organization. The organization receives both food and monetary donations, with a single dollar providing five meals. In addition, they conduct food collections and have a citrus gleaning program where individuals can donate excess citrus fruits. Volunteers can also donate their time to the organization, and everyone has access to opportunities.

The mission of the St. Mary’s sustenance Bank is to combat starvation and provide nutritious sustenance to those in need. Through their programs, the organization has helped innumerable individuals and families gain access to nutritious sustenance, thereby improving their quality of life. They make a difference in the community and serve as an inspiration to many who seek to combat poverty.



Address: 2831 N. 31st Avenue Phoenix, AZ 85009


Phone:  6022423663


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