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Stray Cat Alliance - Building a no kill nation, one stray at a time



Founded in Los Angeles, California, STRAY CAT ALLIANCE is a nonprofit with a focus on stray cats. The group offers trap-neuter-return (TNR), adoption, and fostering services, as well as educational and advocacy activities, to benefit both strays and their human carers.

STRAY CAT ALLIANCE provides a number of important services, including TNR. Feral cats are captured, spayed or neutered, and then released back into their natural territory as part of this initiative. TNR is a tried-and-true method for managing the feral cat population and minimising their negative effects on the ecosystem. Volunteers with STRAY CAT ALLIANCE get extensive training to humanely capture feral cats, transport them to local vets for spaying and neutering, and then release them back into their original colonies.

The adoption service offered by STRAY CAT ALLIANCE is another valuable resource. Cats who have been abandoned or are in risk of being euthanized are taken in by the group and given food, shelter, and medical treatment until they can be adopted into permanent, loving homes. Foster families are part of STRAY CAT ALLIANCE’s network, and they care for cats temporarily until they are adopted. As a means of introducing potential adopters to the cats, the charity also routinely hosts adoption events.


The mission of STRAY CAT ALLIANCE is to promote spaying and neutering, responsible pet ownership, and the humane treatment of animals via its TNR (trap-neuter-return) and adoption programmes as well as its education and advocacy campaigns. The organisation collaborates with educational institutions, community organisations, and others to raise awareness of these problems and advocate for the betterment of stray cats.

The STRAY CAT ALLIANCE is, in general, a hardworking group that does incredible things for stray cats in the Los Angeles area and beyond. Many cats and their human carers’ lives have been improved because to its TNR, adoption, and education initiatives. You can find out more about STRAY CAT ALLIANCE and the initiatives they do, as well as make a contribution, on their website.


Address: Los Angeles, CA 90016


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