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Stray from the Heart


The Benevolent Journey of Stray from the Heart


In a realm where tales of despair often overshadow stories of redemption, Stray from the Heart emerges as a sanctuary of hope, compassion, and unwavering dedication toward our four-legged compatriots. This poignant narrative unfolds the saga of an organization that is not merely a non-profit but a haven, where stories of rescue, rehabilitation, and rehoming dogs are meticulously woven with threads of care, commitment, and love.

Paws and Promises – The Genesis of Compassion

Stray from the Heart, founded in the cradle of the millennium, embarks on a journey transcending mere animal rescue. Toni Bodon and Beth Silberg, the co-founders, intertwined their passions to forge a mission dedicated to not only rescuing dogs from despair but also ensuring their onward journey toward love, care, and eternal companionship. Their endeavor encircles various locations, extending their benevolence from local shelters to remote regions, crossing states and countries.

A Framework of Foster – The Echo of Unseen Heroes

Distinctively veering away from conventional shelters, Stray from the Heart crafts a unique tapestry of rescue work through a network of foster homes and veterinary boarding facilities. This model, meticulously designed, ensures that each rescued canine experiences a nurturing environment that simulates a genuine home, fostering a seamless transition into their forever homes.

The Financial Heartbeat – Navigating the Economic Challenges

Navigating through the economic intricacies, Stray from the Heart exhibits a transparent financial commitment, investing between $600 and $1,000 per month for each dog. Their unwavering dedication illuminates their cause, ensuring each dog not only gets rescued but experiences unparalleled care and rehabilitation.



Stray from the Heart
Stray from the Heart


Footprints Towards the Future – Vision and Strategy

With foresight that extends beyond the immediate, the organization lays out a clear vision to expand its horizons, aspiring to engrave its footprint in more cities, states, and countries. Their eyes are set on a future where their shelter forms a hub for volunteers, a sanctuary for more dogs, and a platform for humane education and internships.

The Whisper of Happy Tails – Stories that Warms Souls

It is within the tales of happiness that the true spirit of Stray from the Heart comes alive. Stories of dogs, once shrouded in despair, finding solace, love, and a place to call home. These narratives serve not merely as testaments to their work but as beacons of hope and inspiration for others to join this heartfelt journey.

Unseen Wings of Support – The Silent Contributors

The silent contributors, the benevolent supporters, weave through this journey as unseen wings, gently lifting the organization toward its goals. Whether through fostering, volunteering, or financial contributions, each individual casts ripples of impact, touching the lives of these canines in profound ways.

Becoming a Foster Haven – A Pathway to Impactful Contribution

Delving into the realm of fostering unveils a path that allows individuals to serve as temporal saviors for these dogs. The journey of fostering, while demanding, unfolds as a deeply rewarding experience, providing a crucial stepping stone for these canines as they journey towards their forever homes.

The Eternal Bond – From Fostering to Forever Homes

The narrative gracefully transitions from fostering to adopting, as Stray from the Heart seamlessly facilitates the journey for those who choose to turn their temporary care into an eternal bond, allowing the tales of temporary fostering to blossom into stories of permanent companionship.

Conclusion: Beyond the Horizon – The Continual Journey of Stray from the Heart

Stray from the Heart, while having crafted numerous tales of hope, continues its journey beyond the horizon, envisaging a world where every stray finds a home, every dog experiences love, and every individual recognizes the profound impact they can imprint on this benevolent journey.



Address: P.O. Box 11, New York, NY 10024-0011


Phone: +1 212-726-3647


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