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Tarrant Area Food Bank


Tarrant Area Food Bank

Working Together to Eliminate Hunger



Tarrant Area Food Bank is a dedicated hunger-relief organization that strives to combat food insecurity in the community. It was established in 1982, and since then, it has been the principal source of donated food for organizations that work to alleviate hunger as well as feeding programs in 13 counties. With a strong commitment to providing access to nutritious meals, TAFB relies on the support of donations and volunteers to fulfill its mission of eliminating hunger.


Vision and Mission:

TAFB’s vision is to create a community where no one goes hungry, ensuring that everyone has access to nutritious food. In order to do this, their purpose is to provide local communities with the tools necessary to end hunger by supplying them with food, educational opportunities, and other resources.


Services Offered:


  1. Food Distribution Programs: TAFB operates a network of pantries and feeding programs that provide access to over 1,000,000 meals each week. They collaborate with partner agencies to distribute donated food throughout the community.


  1. Community Gardens and Cooking Education: TAFB supports community gardens and offers cooking education programs through Cooking Matters. These initiatives empower individuals to make healthier choices and develop valuable culinary skills.


  1. Job Training: TAFB provides job training opportunities in culinary food service and warehouse operations, equipping individuals with skills that can lead to sustainable employment in the food industry.


  1. SWAP Program: TAFB launched the SWAP program to promote nutritious food choices at food banks and pantries. This initiative encourages the availability and distribution of healthy food options.


Volunteer Opportunities:

TAFB welcomes volunteers who are passionate about making a difference in the fight against hunger. They offer various volunteer roles and accept court-ordered community service and Teen Court referrals. High school and college students can also volunteer to meet community service requirements.


Donation Options:

There are multiple ways to support TAFB’s mission through donations. Individuals can make online donations through the TAFB website and set up automatic donations from their checking or savings accounts. Legacy gifts, such as cash, securities, and real estate, are also encouraged, with resources available for estate planning.


Moreover, individuals can participate in virtual food drives, government employee giving campaigns, and online shopping programs like Goodsearch and AmazonSmile. TAFB also accepts grocery shopping donations through Kroger’s Community Rewards program and encourages stock gifts, matching gifts, in-kind gifts, and vehicle donations.



Tarrant Area Food Bank plays a vital role in the fight against hunger, serving as a critical resource for individuals and families in need. With a strong focus on providing nutritious meals and empowering communities, TAFB relies on the generous support of donors and volunteers to fulfill its mission. By joining forces with Tarrant Area Food Bank, individuals can make a tangible impact in the ongoing battle against hunger.




Address: Tarrant Area Food Bank

2600 Cullen Street

Fort Worth, TX 7610


Phone:  817.857.7100





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