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Ammanford Foodbank
Ammanford Foodbank


The Ammanford Foodbank

The Ammanford Foodbank was established in 2013 in response to the difficulty of local households in making ends meet and feeding their families. Since then, the emergency food packages provided by the charity have been a lifeline for many individuals and families in need.

Over the last seven years, Ammanford Foodbank has delivered 8,382 three-day emergency food packages, greatly decreasing food insecurity in the region. The fact that 9,314 children have benefitted from the organization’s services demonstrates the significance of its efforts to alleviate child poverty in the area.

This foodbank is a part of the Trussell Trust, a network of organizations in the United Kingdom working to reduce hunger and poverty. With the assistance of volunteers, professionals, local churches, and community groups, nonperishable food items are collected and distributed to those in need.

Professionals, such as health visitors, social workers, and job center employees, recommend those in need to the food bank. The volunteers then work carefully to ensure that individuals afflicted get the assistance they need to recover.

In times of need, the Ammanford Foodbank provides more than just food; they also assist with medical expenses, rent, and money. To further assist those in need, the organization interacts with other community organizations.

Donations of any type, whether monetary or in the form of nonperishable food items, are much welcomed by the foodbank and will help ensure that this service remains accessible to those in need. Local citizens, businesses, and organizations are essential to the organization’s continuous growth and development.

In conclusion, the Ammanford Foodbank is an essential community service that aids those in need. Volunteers and contributions contribute time and money to aid those in need, while local professionals utilize their experience to further the objective of the organization.



Address: Y Llusern

Wind Street



SA18 3DR



Phone:  07804 189830

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