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Chattanooga Area Food help
Chattanooga Area Food Bank


The Chattanooga region Food Bank (CAFB)

The Chattanooga region Food Bank (CAFB) is a charitable organisation with the mission of reducing the prevalence of hunger and improving nutrition in the Chattanooga metropolitan region as well as the surrounding areas of Northwest Georgia. Since its inception in 1972, the Central American Food Bank (CAFB) has been a driving force in the fight against food poverty in the area [4].

Providing food to those in need

In order to fulfil its mission of providing food to those in need, the CAFB works in collaboration with more than 250 community organisations, including food banks, soup kitchens, and homeless shelters. Because of these collaborations, the organisation is able to distribute approximately 16 million pounds of food on a yearly basis to over 144,000 local customers who have incomes that are lower than the federal poverty level [5].

The programmes to Fight Hunger

The Community Action to Fight Hunger (CAFB) offers a number of programmes in addition to distributing food with the goals of fostering improved nutrition and addressing the underlying factors that lead to hunger. For instance, the organization’s Culinary Training Programme provides a training course that lasts for ten weeks and assists students in acquiring the knowledge and skills essential to find employment in the food service business [1]. The Community Action Food Bank (CAFB) also runs a Mobile Food Pantry, which delivers fresh produce and other nutritious meals directly to areas who have restricted access to food alternatives that are healthful [4].

Donations made by private people and public institutions make up a significant portion of the CAFB’s operational funding. The Community Action Food Bank (CAFB) helps deliver three meals to individuals in need for every $1 that is contributed to it [6]. contributions of food and other commodities are also accepted by the organisation, and volunteers are always welcome to assist with duties such as sorting and packaging food contributions [3].

Work on COVID-19 time

Work being done by the CAFB is particularly important in the aftermath of the COVID-19 outbreak, which has increased food insecurity not just in the area but also throughout the nation as a whole. As a result of the epidemic, the organisation has modified its business practises to increase both the security of its employees and the wellbeing of its customers, while maintaining its commitment to provide food aid to those who are in need [2].

In conclusion, the Chattanooga region Food Bank is an important organisation that plays an essential part in reducing the prevalence of food insecurity in the Chattanooga metropolitan region as well as in Northwest Georgia as a whole. The Community Action Food Bank (CAFB) is making a meaningful impact in the lives of people it serves via the establishment of partnerships with community organisations, the creation of creative programmes, and a dedication to tackling the underlying causes of hunger.



Address: Chattanooga Area Food Bank

2009 Curtain Pole Rd

Chattanooga, TN 37406

(423) 622-1800

Northwest Georgia Branch

1111 South Hamilton Street

Dalton, GA 30720

(706) 508-8591

Foxwood Food Center

3209 Wilcox Blvd.

Chattanooga, TN 37411


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