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The Felix Project

The Felix Project is a nonprofit located in London that works to eliminate food waste and food insecurity in the United Kingdom. They collect excess food from suppliers such as supermarkets, wholesalers, and restaurants and give it to charities and community organisations that offer nutritious meals and food packages to underprivileged persons and families.

In addition to providing food to people in need, their objective is to raise awareness about food waste in homes and schools. They operate a programme in schools that educates children about food waste and good eating, therefore motivating the next generation to make positive changes in their communities. In addition, they have a community engagement team that collaborates with local organisations to educate and give information on food waste reduction and healthy eating.

The Felix Project functions in a manner that is very favourable to the environment by recovering edible excess food that would otherwise be wasted, lowering greenhouse gas emissions, and alleviating landfill pressure. They gather and transport meals around London and the neighbouring regions using a fleet of temperature-controlled trucks. In addition, they endeavour to guarantee that the food they gather is fresh, nutritious, and safe to consume by adhering to stringent food safety regulations.

Its mission is to supply meals to charitable organisations such as schools, youth groups, and homeless shelters. They believe that everyone, regardless of background or situation, has the right to obtain nutritious food, and they strive relentlessly to accomplish this aim. The Felix Project has also begun to provide food boxes to poor families and people, particularly during the COVID-19 epidemic.

The Felix Project is a unique charity that gives delicious meals to individuals in need, while simultaneously encouraging healthy eating and raising awareness about food waste. Their creative approach to eliminating food waste and food insecurity distinguishes them from other charitable organisations.



Address: Unit 6, Kendal Court Kendal Avenue England W3 0RU


Phone:  02030344350

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