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The Foodbank Dayton


The Foodbank Dayton

Eliminating Hunger and Nurturing Communities



The Foodbank Dayton, also known as The Foodbank, Inc., is a prominent nonprofit organization in the Miami Valley for over 40 years. With a mission to eliminate hunger and its root causes, The Foodbank Staff and volunteers are working hard to achieve their goals daily. Guided by principles of equity, diversity, inclusion, advocacy, and reentry, The Foodbank has strategically developed initiatives to address the needs of the community and promote social justice.



The Foodbank Dayton envisions a future where hunger is eradicated, and every individual has access to nutritious food, regardless of their circumstances. Through their efforts, they aim to foster healthy communities, empower individuals and families, and advocate for systemic change to address hunger at its core.



The mission of The Foodbank Dayton is to acquire and distribute food to combat hunger and its underlying causes in the Miami Valley. By working in collaboration with Feeding America’s network of food banks, The Foodbank is committed to disaster relief, reentry programs, community development, and equity initiatives. Their multifaceted approach involves addressing the immediate food needs of vulnerable populations while also focusing on long-term solutions to break the cycle of hunger.


All Services Offered by The Foodbank Dayton:

The Foodbank Dayton provides a comprehensive range of services to combat hunger and support individuals and families in need. These services include:


  1. Distribution to Partner Agencies: The Foodbank distributes close to 18 million pounds of food annually to 116 partner agencies, such as food pantries, hot meal sites, congregate programs, emergency shelters, and Kids Cafe meal sites.
  2. Drive Thru Food Pantry: The Foodbank operates a Drive Thru Food Pantry where clients can receive supplemental food, ensuring easy access to essential resources .
  3. Mobile Farmers Markets: The Foodbank runs Mobile Farmers Markets, bringing fresh food directly to underserved areas within the community, promoting healthy eating and food security.
  4. Monthly Senior Boxes: The Foodbank provides monthly Senior Boxes tailored to the dietary needs of seniors, ensuring they have access to nutritious food.
  5. Good to Go Backpacks: The Foodbank offers Good to Go Backpacks, ensuring food-insecure children have access to nutritious meals when not in school.
  6. Rx Boxes: Through a partnership with Dayton Children’s Hospital, The Foodbank provides Rx Boxes, which contain essential food items for families with children facing critical health conditions.
  7. Disaster Relief: The Foodbank actively engages in disaster relief efforts, providing essential food supplies in times of crisis, both locally and in various locations.
  8. Community Development: The Foodbank contributes to community development by addressing issues related to reentry/recidivism, workforce development, and equity and inclusion.
  9. Advocacy: The Foodbank advocates for policies and programs that combat hunger and alleviate poverty, working toward systemic change.

Become a Volunteer:

The Foodbank Dayton welcomes volunteers who are passionate about making a difference in their community. Opportunities to volunteer are available, including working in their hydroponic greenhouse [8]. By volunteering, individuals can actively contribute to the fight against hunger and support The Foodbank’s mission.


Make Donations:

To support The Foodbank Dayton in their hunger relief efforts, individuals can make monetary donations. Every dollar donated has the power to provide five meals to those in need [5]. Donations can be made through their website or by contacting their office directly.



The Foodbank Dayton, a leading nonprofit organization in the Miami Valley, has been dedicated to eliminating hunger and addressing its root causes for over 40 years. Through their network of partner agencies, they distribute millions of pounds of food annually, serve thousands of meals daily, and provide various programs to ensure individuals and families have access to nutritious food. With their commitment to equity, diversity, inclusion, advocacy, and community development, The Foodbank Dayton is not only alleviating hunger but also working towards creating a more just and food-secure society. By becoming a volunteer or making a donation, individuals can actively contribute to their mission and make a positive impact on the lives of those facing food insecurity.




Address: 56 Armor Pl Dayton, OH, United States, Ohio 45417


Phone:  +1 937-461-0265


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