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The Gillingham Street Angels todogod


The Gillingham Street Angels todogod

The Gillingham Street Angels is a humanitarian organisation created in 2018 with the mission of assisting the homeless in and around the Kent town of Gillingham. The group offers several services to the underprivileged, including food deliveries, access to clean water, and a uniform bank for school-aged children.

The business is open from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., Monday through Friday, and from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m., on Saturdays. At certain times, volunteers are available to give individuals in need with food packages including healthy and wholesome meals. In addition to forming partnerships with local companies, the charity provides free water refills to anybody in need. During the hot summer months, when temperatures may climb and access to clean drinking water is crucial for life, this service is especially important.

In addition to providing food boxes and water refills, The Gillingham Street Angels run a charity store and a café in Gillingham. The charity store takes contributions of clothing, home products, and other commodities, which are then sold to earn revenue for the organization’s operations. The café, on the other hand, is a community gathering place where people can enjoy a cup of coffee and converse with volunteers or other customers.

The school uniform bank is one of the most essential services given by The Gillingham Street Angels. Buying school uniforms may be a big financial hardship for many families who struggle to make ends meet. The uniform bank of the organisation guarantees that children may attend school with respect and without the shame of wearing ill-fitting or worn-out clothes. The uniform bank depends on contributions of uniforms in good condition, which are subsequently provided to needy families.

The Gillingham Street Angels are a beautiful example of a community uniting to aid its most disadvantaged citizens. Volunteers for the organisation work diligently to guarantee that people in need have access to life’s needs and are treated with the decency and respect that every human being deserves. Countless individuals have been able to get the food, water, and other resources they need to live and flourish because of the organization’s work.



Address: Gillingham Street Angels Unit A, Jenkins Dale, Chatham, Kent. ME4 5RD


Phone:  01634 819013


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