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Toledo Northwestern Ohio Food Bank


Toledo Northwestern Ohio Food Bank



Welcome to the Toledo Northwestern Ohio Food Bank, a vital organization dedicated to combating hunger in Northwest Ohio. With a strong vision and mission, the Toledo Food Bank works tirelessly to provide food assistance, promote self-sufficiency, raise awareness about hunger, and advocate for hunger-prevention legislation. Let’s delve into the details of this organization and the impact it has on the community.


Vision and Mission

The Toledo Northwestern Ohio Food Bank envisions a future where hunger is eradicated from Northwest Ohio. Their mission is to secure and distribute food, promote self-sufficiency, and advocate for hunger prevention in the region. By maximizing community resources and implementing an efficient food collection and distribution system, they want to make it possible for other neighborhood organizations to abolish hunger and make sure no person or family goes without food.

All Services

The organization offers a range of services to address the needs of the community:


  1. Food Distribution: The food bank collaborates with approximately 250 food pantries across eight counties. Through this network, they distribute food to individuals and families facing food insecurity.


  1. Community Donations: The food bank heavily relies on community donations to combat hunger year-round. Donating to the Toledo Northwestern Ohio Food Bank has a direct impact on the community. For example, a donation of $1 can provide five meals, while a $250 donation can provide 1,250 meals, and a $500 donation can provide 2,500 meals.


  1. Promoting Self-Sufficiency: In addition to food distribution, the Toledo Food Bank works to promote self-sufficiency among individuals and families. They strive to empower the community through education, skill-building programs, and initiatives that address the root causes of hunger.


  1. Advocacy: The food bank actively advocates for hunger-prevention legislation to create long-term solutions to food insecurity. By raising awareness about the issue of hunger and engaging with elected officials, they aim to bring about systemic change.


Become a Volunteer

You can make a significant difference by becoming a volunteer at the Toledo Northwestern Ohio Food Bank. They provide opportunities for individuals and groups to contribute their time and skills. Whether it’s sorting and packing food, assisting with distribution, or participating in community outreach programs, your involvement as a volunteer is invaluable in their mission to end hunger.


Make Donations

Donations play a crucial role in supporting the organization’s efforts to combat hunger. Your financial contribution can provide meals to those in need and make a positive impact on the community. To make a donation or learn more about the different ways to contribute, visit the Toledo Food Bank’s official website.



In conclusion, the Toledo Northwestern Ohio Food Bank is dedicated to ending hunger in Northwest Ohio by providing food assistance, promoting self-sufficiency, and advocating for hunger prevention. With the support of volunteers, donors, and the community, they continue to make a significant impact on individuals and families facing food insecurity.




Address: 24 East Woodruff Avenue, Toledo, OH 43604

Phone:  419-242-5000


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