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The Trevor Project
The Trevor Project


Trevor Project

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning, and other (LGBTQ) teenagers may get crisis intervention and suicide prevention services from The Trevor Project. Since its founding in 1998, the group has grown to serve as a crucial resource for young people who may be having issues identifying with either their sexual orientation or gender.

The Trevor Hotline, a 24-hour helpline for crisis intervention and suicide prevention, is one of The Trevor Project’s core services. There are experienced counsellors on duty at this hotline who are ready to speak with anybody who is in distress or contemplating suicide. Anybody in need of assistance in the United States may call the anonymous, free Trevor Helpline.

The Trevor Project provides a range of different services to LGBTQ adolescents in addition to the Trevor Helpline. Examples include TrevorSpace, an online community for LGBTQ children, and TrevorChat, an online chat service that enables young people to communicate with qualified counsellors in real-time.

Also, the group offers tools and training to parents, teachers, and other adults who deal with young people. This contains information on how to foster situations that are welcoming and safe for LGBTQ adolescents as well as how to spot and react to self-harm or suicide thinking.

In general, The Trevor Project is a vital resource for LGBTQ kids who may be having mental health issues or considering suicide. The group offers a secure and encouraging environment where young people may ask for assistance, and throughout the years, its programmes have saved many lives.



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Phone:   (212) 695-8650

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