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Women’s Aid Organization
Women’s Aid Organization


Women’s Aid Organization (WAO)

The Women’s Aid Organization (WAO) in Malaysia seeks to establish a society that follows the ideals of real equality and in which every woman has access to her human rights in every area of life. Its goal is to advance and ensure that women’s equal rights are respected, safeguarded, and realised while also working to end all forms of discrimination against them, including violence.

Women who experience harassment, sexual assault, and/or emotional abuse, as well as their children, and assault are offered temporary sanctuary services by WAO. It offers aftercare treatments as well as emotional and social assistance to any woman who desires it. The group conducts and promotes study on any elements that lead to women’s subordination and inequality, and it works with governmental and non-governmental groups to promote their elimination. Moreover, WAO raises awareness of and fosters a better knowledge of problems related to violence against women and the underlying injustices that contribute to it among people, the general public, and pertinent authorities.

For victims of rape, domestic abuse, and other types of violence, WAO offers free and private assistance. Its services are based on the idea that every woman has the right to live her life in peace and without fear of violence. Via its hotline and TINA (SMS/WhatsApp) services, the group contacts over 3,000 women annually, educating them about their rights and alternatives so they may make decisions that are well-informed at every stage of their journey. Women who use these programmes may also schedule in-person consultations and later use additional services like shelter and social work.

The biggest sanctuary for victims of domestic abuse in Malaysia is the WAO Shelter. It ensures that survivors who flee abusive families have a safe place to go by offering sanctuary to over 100 women and children each year. The organization’s social workers accompany survivors as they traverse the legal system and seek out assistance from numerous departments and organisations, including as the police, hospitals, welfare office, courts, and more. In addition to offering educational programmes for their kids, WAO also offers recreational, psychological, and skills-enhancement programmes to aid survivors in recovering and getting back on their feet.

The WAO regards gender inequity as the root cause of violence against women. The group established Malaysia’s first domestic violence shelter in 1982, and it continues to serve domestic abuse victims as the nation’s biggest service provider today. Through increasing awareness and altering attitudes, educating communities to detect and react to domestic abuse, and fostering a culture that values women’s rights and dignity, it seeks to abolish violence against women.




Address: P.O.Box 493, Jalan Sultan 46760 Petaling Jaya Selangor, Malaysia


Phone:  03 7957 5636 / 0636 (Office Number) +603 3000 8858 (Hotline Number)

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