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WRAP, the West Tennessee Assault Response Program, was founded in 1975 as a crisis hotline for female victims of rape in Madison County. Today, WRAP serves 19 counties through 17 locations and provides services to 2,000 victims annually. Ninety percent of the victims are women and young girls, and more than half have children who are also affected. The high incidence of sexual and domestic violence in West Tennessee underscores the critical importance of WRAP’s mission to create safe and supportive neighborhoods.

WRAP’s goal is to end domestic violence through collaborations with local groups to prevent future incidents and to help survivors and their loved ones make positive and long-lasting changes in their lives. The organization provides a wide range of services, including intensive counseling and support, to aid survivors in coping with adverse childhood experiences. WRAP also partners with schools to teach students about safe bystander intervention strategies, collaborates with law enforcement agencies on initiatives like the Lethality Assessment Program (LAP) and the Domestic Violence Response Team, and participates in the Sexual Assault Review Team (SART) to protect victims and promote offender accountability.

The Community-Based Advocacy Project is WRAP’s most notable effort, and it is a survivor-centered, evidence-based approach to assisting domestic and sexual abuse victims. Working in unison with communities, WRAP’s objective is to enhance victim access, victim safety, victim experience with the civil and criminal justice system, offender accountability, and community support. Safe Hope Center, the first Family Justice Center in the area, is one of the organization’s community partners. In this clinic, victims of domestic violence get trauma-informed, coordinated care from a team of professionals, including members of WRAP.

Overall, WRAP is dedicated to creating safe and supportive neighborhoods by providing critical services to victims of domestic and sexual violence. The organization’s partnerships with schools, law enforcement agencies, and other community organizations are integral to its mission to end domestic violence and to promote community awareness of the issue. Through evidence-based, survivor-centered programs like the Community-Based Advocacy Project, WRAP is helping survivors and their loved ones make positive and long-lasting changes in their lives.


Call For Help (llámenos para ayuda) (800) 273-8712
TTY Relay Call 1-800-848-0298
Voice Relay Call 1-800-848-0299



Address: Us 512 Roland Ave. Jackson, TN 38301


Phone:  731-668-0411


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