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The mission of 3Food4U is to give free food and necessary home products to individuals in need, without the requirement for an evaluation or referral. The group administers a nationwide network of excess centres that are supplied with food and other products given by supermarkets, small companies, and people.

Visitors may grab a variety of free things, including fresh fruits and vegetables, bread, canned goods, toiletries, and cleaning supplies, at the surplus hubs. In addition to providing food, the group also distributes clothing and toys for children, ensuring that families have access to essentials they may otherwise struggle to purchase.

In its hubs, 3Food4U also provides a variety of health services. Checks for Blood Pressure and Body Mass Index (BMI) as well as NHS Health Checks, which give a full health examination and recommendations for maintaining good health, are available to visitors for free. These health services are essential to 3Food4U’s objective to promote the health and well-being of the underprivileged.

Also, the charity offers a home delivery service for people unable to visit the excess centres in person. Volunteers transport free meals and critical products to people’s homes, ensuring that individuals unable to leave their homes due to sickness, disability, or other circumstances may still get the necessary assistance.

Ultimately, 3Food4U is an indispensable organisation that gives much-needed assistance to disadvantaged individuals around the United Kingdom. By giving free meals, needed products, and health services, the charity significantly improves the lives of individuals experiencing financial difficulties. Their efforts are very laudable. 3Food4U is a wonderful example of how communities can join together to aid people in need.


Address : 13 Sun St, Waltham Abbey EN9 1ER, UK



Phone:  07973 166940 or 01992 842 642


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