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Abergele Foodbank
Abergele Foodbank food help


Abergele Foodbank

Since its inception in 2013, the Abergele Foodbank has provided three days’ worth of food to individuals in need. Throughout the last year, the food bank provided 1,376 meals to individuals in need. Nonprofit organization Abergele Community Action Ltd. has been responsible for offering the group’s services to the general public. Since 2013, the Ithaca community center has served as the food bank’s headquarters. However, the charity no longer operates a community center.

The food bank takes canned and dried foods, as well as toiletries, personal care products, and pet food as contributions. Higher education institutions, religious groups, businesses, and individual residents all contribute to this cause. Food donations should be fresh and non-perishable. Volunteers examine food’s expiry dates, pack it into boxes, and then give it to individuals in need.

The Abergele District Foodbank is supported by the Trussell Trust, a British organization that encourages the establishment of foodbanks. Doctors, health care professionals, social workers, and police officers collaborate closely with the food bank to identify individuals in need within the community. The food bank has three-day emergency food kits available for purchase.

Abergele District Foodbank volunteers work carefully to provide food to those in need. The local populace depended greatly on the organization’s assistance, especially during the recent COVID-19 epidemic. As a result of the virus’s impact on the economy, a greater number of people are using food banks than before the epidemic.

In conclusion, the Abergele District Foodbank has served the region’s poor since 2013. It is supported by donations from colleges, churches, businesses, and individuals. Volunteers select and bundle the food for distribution after professionals in the community identify individuals in need. The food bank, which has served as a vital lifeline, has helped several persons in need.



Address: Abergele and Pensarn Station

Station Approach



LL22 7PQ



Phone:  01745 826570 or 07851 982512

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