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All Peoples Community Center
All Peoples Community Center


All Peoples Community Center (APCC)

Located in Los Angeles, California, the All Peoples Community Center (APCC) is a non-profit organisation that serves the local community via a number of different means. APCC has been there since 1942, providing services to the neighbourhood for that whole time. The goal of the center’s social services, resources, and activities is to help people and families become financially stable and productive members of society.

For APCC, teaching is a top priority. Tutoring, after-school activities, and adult literacy classes are just some of the academic assistance services available at the centre. A computer lab is available for anybody interested in gaining technological literacy at the centre.

APCC’s food bank is an additional vital service. The food bank programme at the facility provides groceries to low-income households every week. The food bank also offers workshops on nutrition and cookery to teach low-income families how to feed their children well.

Free health screenings, health education courses, and individual counselling sessions are just some of the health services provided by APCC. Community members may get low-cost medical treatment thanks to the center’s collaboration with nearby clinics.

Adults may participate in APCC’s career development and job training programmes. Individuals are able to improve their employability and provide for their family with the aid of these initiatives.

In addition to its focus on building leaders and serving the community, APCC is dedicated to strengthening local organisations. Community organising and advocacy activities, as well as youth leadership training, are made available via the centre.

Providing vital services and activities to local residents, All Peoples Community Center is an invaluable asset to the neighbourhood. The center’s dedication to bettering the lives of its neighbours via education, health care, vocational instruction, and community service makes it an invaluable resource for establishing viable, self-sustaining neighbourhoods.



Address: All Peoples Community Center 822 E. 20th Street Los Angeles, CA 90011


Phone:  +1 213-747-6357

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