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Along Comes Hope


Hope for Kids with Cancer: A Closer Look at Along Comes Hope ®


A Glimmer of Hope in Dark Times


When the world feels bleak for children battling cancer, Along Comes Hope ® emerges as a beacon of light. With a mission that’s as clear as its name, the organization strives to inspire hope and healing for affected families during some of the most challenging moments in their lives.

The Emblem of Hope: Hope the Bear


At the heart of their emotional support programs lies Hope the Bear—a symbol of bravery, inspiration, and, of course, hope. These special teddy bears, given to children facing the tough battle with cancer, are more than just toys. They come equipped with a recorder nestled within their paw, allowing loved ones to leave comforting messages. These messages, often from parents or family members, serve as a soothing voice in times of fear and uncertainty.



Our Pledge: Support, Healing, and Unity


The core mission of Along Comes Hope® revolves around providing essential resources for children and their families. The organization is dedicated to:

  • Keeping families united during crucial times.
  • Offering financial support for travel related to treatments.
  • Crafting emotional support programs that tap into creativity.
  • Advocating for policy changes, increasing awareness, and imparting education.

A Gold Standard in Charity


GuideStar, a respected nonprofit rating entity, has awarded Along Comes Hope® with its coveted GOLD rating. This recognition, attained by fewer than 0.5% of the nearly 2 million nonprofits in GuideStar’s database, signifies the charity’s commitment to transparency, integrity, and genuine impact.


A Multifaceted Approach to Help


The organization extends its support through various means:

  • Travel & Accommodation: Financial aid for families needing to travel for treatments.
  • Emotional Support: Through innovative programs like Hope the Bear.
  • Advocacy & Awareness: Working towards meaningful policy changes.
  • Education: Spreading the word about childhood cancer and the challenges it poses.


Join the Cause


There are several ways to support Along Comes Hope®:

  • Direct Donations: Every penny counts in the fight against childhood cancer.
  • Events: Participate in events that raise awareness and funds.
  • Stay Updated: Subscribing to their newsletter offers stories of hope and ways to help.




Keeping Up with Along Comes Hope®


The organization maintains an active social media presence, sharing updates, events, and stories from the community. It’s a way to stay connected, informed, and involved.


In Conclusion

Along Comes Hope® isn’t just a charity; it’s a movement. A movement that aims to bring light into the lives of children with cancer and their families. Their dedication, transparency, and impact are a testament to the immense good that can be achieved when hope and action come together.





Address: San Luis Obispo, CA, United States, California




Phone: +1 805-322-1423



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