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Founded in 1989 as ASHA for Women, Ashiyanaa’s mission is to aid South Asian women and children who have been victims of domestic violence by providing them with culturally appropriate assistance. No one from Afghanistan, Bhutan, Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan, or Sri Lanka is excluded from the services provided by this organisation.

Ashiyanaa provides a variety of services to its customers, such as assisting with crisis-related emergency needs for survival, safety assessment and planning, career and therapeutic counselling, and referrals to legal and medical professionals. Using a client’s own cultural values, the organisation also offers case management services to assist them become self-sufficient. Ashiyanaa’s mission is to help its customers become economically and socially self-sufficient.

Ashiyanaa provides assistance to clients and their carers in applying for and receiving public and private benefits such as transportation, housing, food stamps, private insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, and other social programmes for those 60 and over. The group also offers opportunities for mingling and avoiding isolation, such as local gatherings and virtual discussion boards. Ashiyanaa understands and empathises with the challenges carers have while providing for the needs of the elderly people in their care.

South Asian children and teens have it tough since they have to bridge two cultures. Concerns like prejudice and discrimination, adjusting to a new culture (acculturation), the model minority label/stereotype (societal expectations placed on a specific minority group), communication issues within families, communities, and larger societies, language barriers, and a general feeling of isolation are all things Ashiyanaa is working to address through new services and referrals.

Ashiyanaa participates in outreach activities to encourage healthy connections and neighbourhoods. Groups in the community that provide traditional social services are among those that benefit from the organization’s cultural competency training (both governmental and non-governmental organizations). Ashiyanaa also gives presentations on awareness and prevention to professionals and community members in the South Asian area at events, cultural institutions, and places of worship. The group employs “community ambassadors” to talk about South Asian concerns and customs to the general public, and it aggressively spreads the word through social media, blogs, and newsletters. Lastly, Ashiyanaa creates venues where people from different backgrounds may come together to talk about and find solutions to societal problems.

Ashiyanaa aims to build partnerships and collaborations with county and state government bodies, community and faith-based groups, educational institutions, and social assistance organisations to better serve its clientele. Ashiyanaa is able to provide its customers a comprehensive suite of solutions because to the collaborations it has forged.

Ashiyanaa is an important group because it helps South Asian women and children who have been victims of interpersonal violence by providing them with assistance that are tailored to their culture. The group offers assistance with crisis-related emergency needs such as food, water, and shelter as well as safety assessment and planning, career and psychological counselling, and referrals to legal and medical resources. Ashiyanaa also provides programmes and recommendations to address the unique challenges encountered by children and teens in South Asia, and it helps clients of all ages, including those 60 and up and their carers. Lastly, Ashiyanaa establishes alliances and collaborations with a variety of organisations to better serve its customers, and it participates in outreach programmes to promote healthy relationships and communities.



Emergency crisis-related support for survival needs

Help with crisis-related emergency requirements for survival

Safety assessment and planning

Assistance with safety assessment and planning, including police reports and restraining orders

Assistance in gaining access to government benefits

Help in gaining access to government benefits

Career and therapeutic counselling

Career and therapeutic counselling to help individuals achieve independence via a culturally sensitive viewpoint

Referrals to legal and medical services

Recommendations for legal and medical services

Help clients in gaining information

Help clients gain information and obtain necessary benefits, including transportation, housing, and food

Provide options for socializing and isolation prevention

Provide options for socializing and isolation prevention, such as community events and online forums

Support caregivers

Support caregivers of individuals who are 60 years of age or older

Assistance with cultural balancing/merging

Provide assistance with acculturation, cultural balancing/merging, and addressing the model-minority stereotype

Outreach initiatives

Engage in outreach initiatives to promote wholesome relationships and communities

Establish partnerships and collaborations

Establish partnerships and collaborations with county and state government entities and social assistance orgs




Address: 6701 Democracy Blvd Suite 300 Bethesda, MD 20817.

Phone:  1-888-417-2742

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