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Banco de Alimentos de Puerto Rico


Title: Banco de Alimentos de Puerto Rico

Alleviating Hunger, Nourishing Lives



Banco de Alimentos de Puerto Rico has been a vital force in addressing food insecurity throughout Puerto Rico for the past 34 years. Their commitment to providing equitable access to essential resources drives their mission of alleviating hunger. With a network of 130 member organizations covering all municipalities in the country, the foodbank strives to ensure that no individual goes hungry. Generous donations and dedicated volunteers are at the core of their efforts to nourish communities and bring hope to the entire island.



The vision of organization is to create a Puerto Rico where everyone gets access to food that is healthy for them. They envision a future where hunger is eradicated, and every individual can thrive with their basic needs met.



Their’s mission is to gather, store, and distribute food to individuals and families experiencing hunger and food insecurity. By collaborating with food producers, retailers, and other organizations, they rescue surplus food and redirect it to those in need. Through these efforts, they aim to reduce food waste and ensure that no one on the island goes without nourishment.


All Services:

  1. Food Distribution: Banco de Alimentos de Puerto Rico collects and distributes food to a wide range of community organizations, including food pantries, soup kitchens, shelters, and schools. By partnering with these organizations, they reach individuals and families facing food insecurity, providing them with essential meals and food supplies.


  1. Food Rescue: The organization actively works to save food that would otherwise be wasted by farmers, manufacturers, and retailers. This approach not only helps in feeding those in need but also contributes to reducing food waste, benefiting the environment.


  1. Education and Outreach: Banco de Alimentos de Puerto Rico places great importance on education and outreach programs. These initiatives aim to raise awareness about the issue of hunger, promote healthy eating habits, and provide resources for individuals and families to improve their long-term food security.


Become a Volunteer:

The organization encourages individuals to volunteer their time, as it plays a crucial role in the operation of the food bank. Volunteers can support various activities, including food sorting, distribution, and community outreach programs.


Make Donations:

Monetary donations are essential to supporting Banco de Alimentos de Puerto Rico’s efforts. Generous contributions help fund their food acquisition, storage, and distribution operations. Donations can be made through channels such as ATH Móvil and PayPal. Additionally, the organization welcomes product donations that can directly support their mission of nourishing communities.



The Puerto Rico foodbank has been a beacon of hope for individuals and families facing food insecurity in Puerto Rico for over three decades. Through their commitment, they have made significant strides in alleviating hunger and nourishing lives. With the support of generous donors and dedicated volunteers, the organization continues to make a positive impact on communities throughout the island.





Address: Country Club Industrial Park C/272 IC4 Carolina, Puerto Rico 00982


Phone: +1 787-740-3663


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