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Blythswood Care And Their Food bank

A Guardian Angel for the Needy


Blythswood Care, a phenomenal entity, stands as a beacon of hope for individuals grappling with life’s harshest realities. It deploys foodbanks, fulfilling a significant role in ameliorating hunger across Scotland’s Highlands and Edinburgh. This beacon extended its reach to an astounding 5,532 individuals in the Highlands and an additional 3,075 in Edinburgh within the last year.


Responding to the Invisible Call for Help

This benevolent organization pledges to be a support system for those who struggle to satisfy their hunger due to an assortment of adversities. Such adversities encompass unexpected unemployment or unforeseen bills on a limited income. Blythswood Care, in its indomitable spirit, commits to providing a minimum of three days of emergency food assistance and moral support to those who find themselves stuck in a quagmire of desperate situations.


Fuelled by the Heart of Generosity

The magnanimous operations of Blythswood Care are substantially sustained by the kindness and altruism of the society around it. Every form of support, whether food donations or financial contributions, holds a decisive role in furthering their mission. Absent this continual inflow of support and motivation, the organization’s noble purpose to assist the locals in their moment of crisis would be significantly hindered.


Navigating the Path to Blythswood Care’s Foodbanks

Blythswood Care manages several foodbanks, with vital information such as location, contact details, and operational timings readily accessible on their digital platform. The process of availing their services has been streamlined to ensure those seeking help can effortlessly reach out to them.


Augmenting Blythswood Care’s Resources

A myriad of options are available for those who wish to bolster Blythswood Care’s efforts. Choices vary from making periodic donations, one-time offerings, or supplying food resources. Every small gesture is graciously welcomed and significantly contributes to the sustenance of their operations.


Driving Philanthropy for Blythswood Care

Fundraising for Blythswood Care is actively encouraged. This can involve launching events with your immediate circle – friends, family, colleagues, or religious groups. Each fundraising initiative enhances their mission and aids in expanding their outreach to more individuals in distress.


Blythswood Care stands as a symbol of compassion and aid, ceaselessly altering the course of countless lives via their foodbanks and other aid services. Their unwavering dedication to their mission, combined with the outpouring of support from philanthropic donors and volunteers, cements their role as a paragon of charitable initiatives.


Organization Services:


1. Gospel Dissemination:

Blythswood Care prints and distributes Bibles and Christian literature worldwide, aiming to spread the teachings of Jesus Christ. This includes locations such as Africa, India, the Eastern Bloc, UK schools, and prisons.

2. Practical Assistance:

The organization provides essential goods to homeless hostels, including food and clothing. They extend this support into local homes and communities, embodying the tangible action of their faith.

3. Emergency Aid:

In response to emergencies and disasters, Blythswood Care delivers vital assistance to affected regions. Examples include aid delivered to Poland, Armenia following the devastating 1988 earthquake, and Romania during the revolution of 1989.

4. Shoe Box Appeal:

Launched in 1993, this initiative involves delivering Christmas boxes filled with gifts to impoverished communities in Europe, bringing joy and hope during the holiday season.

5. Charity Shop:

In 1997, Blythswood Care expanded to Northern Ireland with the opening of a charity shop in Gilford. This shop provides essential goods such as food, clothing, and shelter to those in need, particularly in Eastern Europe.



Address: Blythswood Care, Highland Deephaven, Evanton, IV16 9XJ

Phone: 01349 830 777


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