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Caerphilly Foodbank
Caerphilly Foodbank help people


Caerphilly Foodbank

Since 2011, the Caerphilly Foodbank has provided emergency food supplies to individuals in need. In 2021, they assisted 1731 individuals in need of food for three days. This organization works together with other referral agencies to provide food coupons to those in need.

Caerphilly Foodbank’s parent organization is the Trussell Trust, a national charity whose mission is to eradicate hunger and poverty in the United Kingdom. The Caerphilly Foodbank is one of the 428 food banks across the country that have received assistance, training, and support from the Trussell Trust.

The Caerphilly Foodbank is referred individuals in need of food by one of their affiliated referral agencies. Such organizations include the Citizen’s Advice Bureau, housing cooperatives, and educational institutions. A referral to the Foodbank entitles the recipient to a voucher for three days’ worth of USDA-approved emergency food assistance.

Caerphilly will be home to a new food bank in 2021, the Caerphilly Foodbank. Those in need of sustenance will value the accessibility of this central location. Volunteers are always needed to assist in the operation of the Foodbank, which is entirely supported by donations.

The Caerphilly Foodbank does more than provide emergency food; they also direct individuals in need to other resources. Those in need of assistance with budgeting and employment can seek guidance from this group.

Throughout the years, the Caerphilly Foodbank has assisted thousands of needy local residents. The Foodbank’s website provides information on how to make monetary and food donations to those in need.

In conclusion, the Caerphilly Foodbank is an indispensable resource for individuals in need of immediate food access. Its relationship with the Trussell Trust, referral system, and other assistance organizations allows it to help the most disadvantaged members of society. The community’s generosity and support are on full show in the critical work of this organization.


Address: Connect Life Church

Crescent Road

Caerphilly, CF83 1AB



Phone:  07720 262411 or 202920 868151

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