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Carrickfergus Foodbank


Carrickfergus Foodbank

The Carrickfergus Foodbank is an essential resource for persons in Northern Ireland in need of food and emotional support but who cannot afford it. The organization was founded on December 5, 2014, in response to the increasing number of people in the community who were having difficulty making ends meet as a consequence of the economic crisis.

Carrickfergus Foodbank is one of the Trussell Trust’s largest network of food banks in the United Kingdom. The objective of the organization is to distribute food baskets to the homes of individuals in need. These packages include three days’ worth of food for an individual or family in need of emergency help.

Yet, the group’s actions are not limited to feeding people. The Carrickfergus Foodbank offers assistance and direction to those in need, with the goal of assisting them to permanently escape their current position. This entails linking people with community services that may assist them in other areas, such as money management, housing, and employment. The Foodbank could not operate without the commitment and effort of its volunteers. They assist those in need by delivering food donations and providing emotional support.

People in Northern Ireland who are struggling to make ends meet may seek help from the Carrickfergus Foodbank. The organization acts as a reminder of the influence that cooperation can have on communal goodwill and generosity. Volunteers and donors who support the organization have a same goal: ensuring that everyone in Northern Ireland has access to food and other necessities.



Address: 75 Woodburn Road, Carrickfergus, Co Antrim, BT38 8PS


Phone: 07515559409





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