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Coalition for Jewish Values


Understanding the Coalition for Jewish Values: Tradition and Advocacy in Public Policy


The Coalition for Jewish Values (CJV), a pivotal organization in American public policy, champions the integration of classical Jewish teachings into contemporary societal discourses. This comprehensive exploration delves into the Coalition’s philosophy, approaches, and impact, offering insights into its role as a custodian of traditional Jewish values in the public sphere.


The Philosophy of the Coalition


At its heart, the CJV is committed to representing authentic Jewish values rooted in ancient texts and teachings. This commitment manifests in a critical stance against modern interpretations that diverge from traditional Jewish tenets. By challenging misconceptions and advocating for genuine Jewish perspectives, the CJV aspires to maintain the integrity of Jewish moral and ethical teachings in public dialogue.


Realigning Public Understanding


Central to the Coalition’s efforts is the realignment of public perception with traditional Jewish values, particularly in contexts where liberal Jewish movements have strayed from these teachings. The CJV’s voice is not merely conservative; it is a reflection of profound respect for Jewish history and scripture.


Multifaceted Advocacy Strategies


The CJV employs a dynamic approach to advocacy, ensuring that traditional Jewish viewpoints resonate within national conversations.


Press Releases and Policy Statements


Timely interventions in current affairs through press releases and policy statements allow the CJV to comment on issues from a uniquely Jewish perspective.


Scholarly Contributions and Op-Eds


Through thought-provoking articles, the Coalition’s Rabbinic Board and contributors infuse public discourse with insights deeply anchored in Jewish wisdom.


Direct Engagement and Public Events


Engaging with key government and media figures, alongside hosting public conferences, the CJV actively educates and builds a community around classical Jewish ideas.


The Historical Context: The Significance of “Palestine”


Understanding the term “Palestine” is crucial in grasping the Coalition’s stance. Historically used by the Romans to dissociate the land from its Jewish inhabitants, this nomenclature carries a legacy of erasing Jewish presence. The CJV’s perspective on this term is deeply interwoven with its commitment to preserving Jewish heritage and countering historical inaccuracies.


Addressing Anti-Semitism in Modern Contexts


The pervasiveness of anti-Semitism, transcending political boundaries, is a key concern for the CJV. This issue’s manifestation in academia, particularly the challenges faced by Jewish students, underscores the Coalition’s commitment to combating discrimination and advocating for Jewish voices in educational settings.


Israel’s Global Position


Israel’s geopolitical role is another focal point for the CJV. The organization’s efforts in this arena reflect a deep understanding of the complex historical and cultural contexts shaping Jewish perspectives on Israel’s security and international relations.


Social Issues Through a Jewish Lens


The CJV offers distinctive viewpoints on various social issues, grounded in Jewish ethical teachings. From religious liberty to family dynamics, the Coalition provides a perspective enriched by a tradition of Rabbinic literature and ethical discourse.




The Coalition for Jewish Values stands as a beacon of tradition in public policy, championing the integration of classical Jewish teachings into modern society. Through its multifaceted approach to advocacy and deep commitment to authentic Jewish values, the CJV plays a vital role in shaping public understanding and discourse.





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