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Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles


The Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles: A Pillar of Philanthropy and Support


A Legacy of Giving

In the heart of Los Angeles, a beacon of philanthropy has been shining for nearly seven decades. The Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles stands as a testament to the power of giving, a pivotal force in both the local Jewish community and the broader society. Since its inception, the Foundation has evolved into a key player in charitable asset management and planned giving, guiding philanthropists in their altruistic endeavors.

A Mighty Influence in Charitable Management

Today, the Foundation is renowned for being the largest manager of charitable assets in the Greater Los Angeles area, specifically catering to Jewish philanthropists. With a staggering $1.3 billion in assets under management, entrusted by over 1,400 families, the Foundation is a giant among local foundations. Its influence and reach extend far beyond the numbers, with a philanthropic footprint that has touched thousands of lives.

A Decade of Impactful Philanthropy

Reflecting on the past ten years, the Foundation’s impact is nothing short of extraordinary. Nearly $1 billion has been distributed to a myriad of nonprofits, spanning a diverse range of causes and needs. In 2022 alone, $160 million was allocated to over 2,500 nonprofits, showcasing the Foundation’s commitment to a broad spectrum of philanthropic giving.

Tailored Philanthropic Guidance

The Foundation excels in offering bespoke guidance to both individuals and institutions. Whether starting with modest means or managing substantial assets, the Foundation assists in defining philanthropic goals, exploring giving options, and optimizing financial benefits like savings on taxes. Their expertise extends to building charitable legacies and creating income for retirement, ensuring a lasting impact.

Cultivating a Charitable Legacy

At the core of the Foundation’s mission is the desire to build and preserve charitable family legacies. This endeavor goes beyond mere financial management, encompassing the nurturing of values and the passing of the torch of generosity to future generations.

A Resource for All

The Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles warmly invites everyone to explore their rich history, comprehensive grant programs, and avenues for becoming a donor. Situated on Wilshire Boulevard, the Foundation stands as a pillar of support, guidance, and philanthropic excellence.

Contact and Further Information

For more details, the Foundation can be reached at their office in Los Angeles or through their website. They offer a mailing list for regular updates and a dedicated donor services portal for easy access to their services.

In conclusion, the Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles is more than just a financial institution; it is a hub of philanthropic activity, a guide for charitable endeavors, and a caretaker of generational legacies. Its influence, measured not just in dollars but in the lives touched and communities transformed, continues to grow as it approaches its seventh decade of service.





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