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FIDF - Friends of the Israel Defense Forces


Supporting the Guardians: A Comprehensive Exploration of FIDF – Friends of the Israel Defense Forces



Introduction: The Pillar of Compassion and Strength


In the intricate tapestry of global humanitarian efforts, the FIDF – Friends of the Israel Defense Forces emerges as a unique entity, epitomizing support and care for those safeguarding Israel. Founded in 1981 by Holocaust survivors, this non-political, non-military 501(c)(3) organization transcends conventional boundaries, embarking on a mission of holistic support for Israel Defense Forces (IDF) soldiers, their families, and veterans.


Mission and Vision: Beyond Immediate Aid


FIDF is not just an organization; it’s a lifeline. Its mission extends beyond providing immediate assistance; it’s about nurturing a future that ensures thriving prospects for IDF personnel. Central to this vision is the commitment to the survival and prosperity of Israel, a beacon of hope for Jews worldwide. This noble mission is underpinned by a steadfast commitment to educational, financial, well-being, and cultural initiatives.






Core Values: Transparency and Excellence


Marked by an unwavering commitment to transparency and accountability, FIDF sets a benchmark in organizational integrity. The acknowledgment from Charity Navigator and Charity Watch underscores its efficiency and trustworthiness. This recognition is not just a feather in its cap but a testament to its enduring dedication to excellence.


The Network of Support: A Global Outreach


With its headquarters in New York City and an expansive network of 26 regional offices across the United States, FIDF’s reach is both deep and wide. The leadership of Lt. Gen. Gadi Eisenkot and Lt. Gen. Aviv Kochavi, endorsing FIDF as the sole authorized entity for IDF charitable contributions in the U.S., reflects the profound trust and responsibility entrusted to the organization.


Educational Empowerment: Building Futures


Education is a cornerstone of FIDF’s initiatives. By funding educational programs, FIDF opens doors to new possibilities, empowering soldiers and veterans to envision and build a life beyond the battlefield. These programs are more than academic pursuits; they are stepping stones to a brighter future.


The Plight of the Lone Soldier: Special Care and Support


FIDF pays particular attention to ‘Lone Soldiers,’ individuals serving without immediate family in Israel. The organization ensures these valiant individuals receive the necessary financial and emotional support, recognizing their unique sacrifices and needs.


Healing and Honoring: The Silent Battles


The battlefield scars, both visible and invisible, are addressed with compassion by FIDF. It extends its support to wounded soldiers through care and rehabilitation programs. Families who have lost a loved one in service are enveloped in comfort and honor, acknowledging their sacrifice and commemorating their memories.


Spiritual and Cultural Foundations: Connecting to Roots


Understanding the importance of spiritual and cultural connections, FIDF invests in programs that link soldiers with their heritage. These initiatives are more than educational; they are vital connections to history and identity, fortifying the bonds among soldiers and with their past.


Infrastructure of Care: Sanctuaries for Soldiers


FIDF’s role transcends immediate needs, extending to infrastructure projects that create sanctuaries of learning, healing, and community. These spaces offer a haven for soldiers and veterans, nurturing their growth and well-being.


The Call to Action: A Community’s Contribution


The impact of FIDF is both profound and extensive, touching the lives of over 105,000 soldiers, veterans, and family members annually. This achievement is fueled by the generosity of donors and supporters who resonate with FIDF’s vision, contributing to a well-supported IDF community.


Conclusion: The Legacy of Empowerment


Friends of the Israel Defense Forces stand as a towering symbol of support and commitment, dedicated to those who devote their lives to protecting others. Through its multifaceted programs, FIDF supports not only the immediate needs of soldiers and veterans but also invests in their long-term well-being. In doing so, FIDF forges a legacy of care, respect, and empowerment, echoing through generations.



Address: PO Box 4224 NY, NY 10163 USA

Phone: 2122443118




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