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Food Bank of Delaware
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Food Bank of Delaware

The Food Bank of Delaware is a charitable organisation whose principal mission is to reduce the prevalence of hunger and ensure that all residents of the state have access to sufficient food supplies. More than 40 years ago, in 1981, it was established as the Food Conservers, Inc., and since then, it has been helping Delaware residents who are at danger of going hungry by giving them with food aid.

The regulations of the United States Department of Agriculture and the Delaware Department of Health and Human Services, which prohibit discrimination on the basis of race, colour, national origin, sex, age, or handicap, are the standards by which the Food Bank of Delaware conducts its operations. A number of different programmes, such as the School Pantry Programme, the Emergency Food aid Programme, and the Senior Nutrition Programme, are offered by the organisation in order to provide aid with obtaining food.

Beginning a career in the food sector

The Culinary School offered by the Food Bank of Delaware is one of the organization’s most important programmes. Individuals who are interested in beginning a career in the food sector may participate in this training course that lasts for a total of 14 weeks. Students get instruction in a variety of skills, including those related to the culinary arts, providing excellent customer service, and being prepared for employment. Since it first opened its doors, the programme has been so successful that it has been able to graduate hundreds of students and successfully place those graduates in employment in the food business.

In addition to working together with other charitable organisations, the Food Bank of Delaware is able to assist Delawareans who are in need. Over the course of the previous year, the Needy Family Fund was able to collect more than $87,000 and provide $100,000 to organisations that provide assistance to Delawareans who are in need, including $20,000 to the Food Bank.

Alleviating hunger

The Food Bank of Delaware made the announcement in 2021 that it would be enhancing its organisational structure and promoting some of its leadership positions in order to better satisfy the requirements of the community in terms of alleviating hunger. On its website, the organisation also debunks various stereotypes about itself, such as the belief that it only provides food during holidays or that it only gives meals to those who are homeless.

You may contact Delaware 2-1-1, which is the state’s hotline for health and social services, if you or someone you know needs immediate assistance with their food supply. The staff at Delaware 2-1-1 is able to give information on the Food Bank of Delaware as well as other organisations that are able to provide aid in obtaining food.

In conclusion, the Food Bank of Delaware is a crucial organisation that serves as a source of food aid for individuals who are struggling to make ends meet in the state of Delaware. It does this through delivering meals to Delawareans in need while also working with others to find long-term answers to the problems of hunger and poverty. Its mission is to instill hope in the communities it serves. Through its Culinary School programme, the organisation also offers those who are interested in beginning a career in the culinary sector training as well as skills that are necessary for work preparedness.




Newark Branch

222 Lake Drive

Newark, DE 19702

Tel: (302) 292-1305 ext 232

Milford Branch

1040 Mattlind Way

Milford, DE 19963

Tel: (302) 424-3301



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