Sharsheret: A Beacon of Light in Cancer Support for the Jewish Community


Introduction: Unveiling the Essence of Sharsheret

In a world often darkened by the shadows of cancer, Sharsheret stands as a luminous beacon, offering hope and support to Jewish women and their families. As a national non-profit organization, Sharsheret is more than just a support system; it is a chain of empathy, knowledge, and resilience, interlinking those affected by breast and ovarian cancer, and other genetically linked cancers.

The Genesis and Vision of Sharsheret

Sharsheret, Hebrew for ‘chain’, symbolizes the interconnectedness that is core to its mission. Founded to cater to the unique challenges faced by young Jewish women, Sharsheret’s scope transcends religious and ethnic boundaries, embracing all in need with open arms. This inclusivity is a testament to its universal message of support and understanding.

A Multifaceted Spectrum of Support

At the heart of Sharsheret’s services lies a deep understanding of the individuality of each cancer journey. Their approach is holistic, addressing not just medical needs but also cultural, spiritual, and emotional dimensions. Their programs, tailored to different life stages and diagnoses, are a lifeline for many.





Beyond the Scope of Breast and Ovarian Cancer

Sharsheret’s expertise, while rooted in breast and ovarian cancer, extends to addressing broader cancer-related issues. This includes providing resources and counseling for genetic risks, particularly pertinent in the Ashkenazi Jewish community, showcasing their proactive and comprehensive approach to cancer care.

Inclusive Support: Engaging Men and Diverse Communities

Recognizing the widespread impact of cancer, Sharsheret actively involves men in their narrative, offering resources for both genders and addressing genetic concerns. Their dedication to inclusivity is further reflected in their commitment to racial justice and diversity, ensuring a welcoming environment for all.

Cultural Sensitivity: A Unique Approach

Sharsheret distinguishes itself through its cultural sensitivity, especially towards the Jewish community. This unique aspect of their support system is acknowledged and celebrated by various recognitions and partnerships, highlighting their significant impact.

Educational Outreach: A Pillar of Awareness

Sharsheret’s commitment to education is pivotal in their mission. They focus on raising awareness about genetic risks and cancer in the Jewish context, altering the narrative and empowering communities with knowledge and resources.

Nationwide Accessibility and Collaboration

With a model emphasizing online and telephone-based programming, Sharsheret transcends geographical barriers, making their services accessible to all. Collaborations with local organizations further amplify their impact, ensuring widespread reach and support.

The Synergy of Professionals and Volunteers

The fusion of professional staff and empathetic volunteers creates a dynamic environment at Sharsheret. Volunteers, including peer supporters, add a layer of relatability to the professional services, enhancing the overall effectiveness of their support system.

Impact and Future Aspirations

Sharsheret’s reach, touching thousands across the nation, is a testimony to their effectiveness. They continuously strive to fill gaps in understanding and data regarding cancer in the Jewish community, demonstrating their commitment to evolving and improving.

A Sustainable Model: Funding and Support

Sharsheret’s financial model, reliant on a mix of donations, grants, and sponsorships, mirrors its community-centric approach. This sustainable model ensures the continuity of their vital services.

Conclusion: A Legacy of Hope and Resilience

Sharsheret stands as a symbol of hope, resilience, and community-specific support in the face of cancer. Their approach, blending digital connectivity with human warmth, not only battles cancer but nurtures a sense of belonging, understanding, and strength in the Jewish community and beyond. Their vision of accessible top-notch care and psychosocial support for all women at risk or living with cancer is a beacon of light, guiding the way towards a future of health equity and empowerment.



  • Website: Sharsheret Website

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  • Address: 1086 Teaneck Rd #3a, Teaneck, NJ 07666

  • Phone:

    Free: 866-474-2774

    New York Office: 212-951-2041

    California Office: 310-409-2330

    National Office: 201-833-2341

    Florida Office: 954-416-0087

    Illinois Office: 312-767-2045



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