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Jewish Federation & Foundation of Northeast Florida


The Pillars of Unity: The Jewish Federation & Foundation of Northeast Florida’s Endeavor

Introduction: A Legacy of Support and Unity


Nestled in the heart of Jacksonville, Florida, the Jewish Federation & Foundation of Northeast Florida stands as a beacon of support and unity. This organization, rich in heritage and purpose, serves as a cornerstone for the local Jewish community, offering a range of services and initiatives aimed at fostering growth, support, and solidarity.


A Commitment to Excellence: Four-Star Charity Navigator


Earning a prestigious Four-Star rating from Charity Navigator, the Jewish Federation & Foundation of Northeast Florida exemplifies transparency, accountability, and efficient use of resources. This accolade assures donors and community members alike that their contributions are effectively utilized in meaningful and impactful ways.


The Heartbeat of Community Support: Annual Campaign


The Annual Campaign is the lifeblood of the organization, a vital fundraising initiative that galvanizes the community towards collective giving. Each dollar raised is a testament to the community’s commitment to supporting various programs and services that directly benefit local Jewish life.


Leadership with Vision: Board Members and Executive Committee


The backbone of this organization is its dedicated Board and Executive Committee. These individuals, diverse in expertise and united in passion, steer the organization towards achieving its goals, ensuring a thriving and resilient community.


Collaboration for Greater Impact: Partner Agencies


The Federation collaborates with a network of partner agencies, including educational institutions, senior services, and community alliances. This collaborative approach amplifies their reach, enabling them to address a wider spectrum of community needs comprehensively.


Nurturing Spiritual Growth: Local Synagogues


Local synagogues play a pivotal role in the spiritual and communal life of the Jewish community. The Federation’s support of these religious hubs fosters a rich environment for religious practice, education, and community gatherings.


Cultural Connection and Outreach: The Shlichim Program


A unique aspect of the Federation’s outreach is the Shlichim program, which brings young Israeli emissaries to Jacksonville. These individuals, from diverse backgrounds, enrich the community with cultural, educational, and social activities, strengthening the bond between the local Jewish community and Israel.


Conclusion: A Vibrant Future for Jewish Identity


Through its multifaceted approach, the Jewish Federation & Foundation of Northeast Florida not only upholds Jewish traditions but also looks to the future with hope and determination. The organization’s commitment to diversity, education, and community engagement ensures that the Jewish identity continues to flourish in Jacksonville and beyond.




Address: 8505 San Jose Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32217, United States


Phone: 904-448-5000


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