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Jewish Federation of Greater Orlando


Empowering Communities: The Transformative Journey of Shalom Orlando and the Jewish Federation of Greater Orlando


In the vibrant landscape of Central Florida, two remarkable organizations stand out for their unwavering commitment to the Jewish community: Shalom Orlando and the Jewish Federation of Greater Orlando (JFGO). These institutions are not just about sustaining Jewish life; they are about enriching it in every possible way. This article delves into the heart of their missions, exploring how they have become pillars of support, education, and cultural exchange.


A Community United: Shalom Orlando’s Mission


Strengthening Jewish Ties

At its core, Shalom Orlando is a beacon of unity and growth. Welcoming over 1,500 members, it offers a kaleidoscope of programs for all ages, fostering deep connections with Jewish heritage. From the joy of shared traditions to the warmth of community bonds, Shalom Orlando is a testament to the power of togetherness.

Educational and Cultural Pioneering

Education lies at the heart of Shalom Orlando’s mission. The organization provides enriching programs for children and adults alike, ensuring a vibrant and inclusive Jewish learning experience. Their educational outreach extends beyond textbooks, embracing cultural activities and social events that bring Jewish teachings to life.


The Jewish Federation of Greater Orlando: A Legacy of Care


Supporting Global and Local Communities

JFGO’s reach transcends local boundaries, extending compassionate care to those in need across Israel and the world. Their humanitarian efforts showcase a profound commitment to making a difference, irrespective of geographical limits.

Nurturing Future Leaders

JFGO invests in the future by cultivating young Jewish leaders. Through initiatives focusing on leadership development, social action, and community engagement, they are shaping a new generation of change-makers and community builders.


Youth Engagement and Family Enrichment


Fostering Jewish Identity from Childhood

Both organizations place a strong emphasis on youth engagement. By instilling a robust Jewish identity in children and teenagers, they are laying the foundation for a resilient and vibrant community.

Cultural Exchange with ShinShinim

The ShinShinim program is a unique cultural bridge, inviting families to host young Israeli emissaries. This exchange enriches the lives of host families and community members, fostering a deeper understanding of Israeli culture and strengthening international bonds.


Staying Connected: The Role of Technology


Digital Outreach and Inclusivity

In an era where digital connectivity is crucial, both organizations leverage technology to keep their communities informed and engaged. From online educational resources to virtual events, their digital platforms ensure that no one is left behind.


Financial Stewardship and Impact


The Power of Giving

The financial contributions of sponsors and supporters fuel the impactful work of these organizations. Their transparent and effective use of funds has earned them recognition as top-rated non-profits, amplifying their positive impact locally and globally.




Shalom Orlando and the Jewish Federation of Greater Orlando are more than just organizations; they are catalysts for positive change. Their dedication to community, education, and cultural exchange has created a dynamic and resilient Jewish presence in Central Florida and beyond. Joining hands with these organizations means contributing to a legacy of hope, unity, and cultural richness. Together, they are not just sustaining Jewish life; they are elevating it to new heights.




Address: 851 N Maitland Ave, Maitland, FL 32751, United States

Phone: +1 407-645-5933



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