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Jewish Federation of Palm Beach County


The Jewish Federation of Palm Beach County: A Mosaic of Values and Commitment


Introduction: A Community’s Heartbeat


In the sun-kissed landscape of Palm Beach County, the Jewish Federation of Palm Beach County emerges as a cornerstone of community strength and cultural vibrancy. This organization, interwoven with the threads of Jewish values, symbolizes the collective endeavor of its members to nurture Jewish identity, fortify bonds with Israel, and respond to unique societal needs.





1. Cultivating Jewish Identity: A Heritage Embraced


Central to the Federation’s ethos is a resolute passion for preserving and enriching Jewish identity. Their efforts paint a picture of commitment – from educational initiatives to cultural celebrations, each program is a brushstroke adding depth and color to the community’s Jewish heritage.


2. Bridging Hearts with Israel: Beyond Borders


The Federation cherishes the profound historical and spiritual connection binding the Jewish community to Israel. Their initiatives span continents, creating a tapestry of support and understanding that connects Palm Beach County to the heart of Israel.


3. Compassionate Outreach: Addressing Unique Needs


Understanding the specific needs within their community, the Federation embodies compassion and proactive support. Their programs range from aiding vulnerable groups to educational endeavors, each a testament to their dedication to communal welfare.


4. Resource Development: Securing a Flourishing Future


The Federation’s vision extends into the future, diligently nurturing both human and financial resources. Their strategic approach aims to safeguard and enhance the community’s vibrancy for future generations.


5. Kehillah – Unity in Diversity


At its core, the Federation is a kehillah – a united community. This unity is their fortress, providing strength and support through both triumphs and trials, embodying the Jewish principle of K’lal Yisrael – a collective commitment to mutual well-being.


6. Inclusivity: A Welcoming Embrace


The Federation’s doors are wide open, inviting diversity to enrich their community. They celebrate each individual’s uniqueness, acknowledging the strength that lies in varied perspectives.


7. Advocating for Jewish Learning


Placing high value on education, the Federation ensures the flame of Jewish knowledge continues to burn bright. Their commitment to learning underlines their dedication to intellectual growth and cultural continuity.


8. Accessibility for All


Committed to inclusivity, the Federation ensures their events and services are accessible to everyone. Their efforts in accommodating individual needs illustrate their dedication to universal participation.


9. A Model of Financial Integrity


Embodying financial transparency, the Federation upholds the highest standards of accountability. Their financial statements and practices are open for scrutiny, reflecting their commitment to responsible stewardship.


10. Celebrating a Multicultural Mosaic


Within the Federation, diversity is not just accepted, but celebrated. Recognizing the enriching power of diverse perspectives, they foster a culture where inclusivity and multiculturalism are integral to their Jewish values.


11. Leadership: Guiding with Vision


Guided by a dedicated Board of Directors, including Susan Shulman Pertnoy as Chair, the Federation is steered towards its noble goals. Their leadership is the driving force behind the Federation’s mission, embodying passion and expertise.


12. Collaborative Synergy: Partner Organizations


In collaboration with local partners like Alpert Jewish Family Service and Mandel Jewish Community Center, the Federation creates a robust support network, weaving a stronger community fabric.


13. Honoring Past Leadership


The Federation honors its past leaders and trustees, whose vision and commitment have significantly shaped its journey. Their legacy continues to inspire and guide the organization.


14. The Professional Backbone


A dedicated professional team, led by Michael Hoffman, ensures the Federation’s smooth operation. Their collective efforts bring the Federation’s vision to life, shaping a vibrant Jewish community.


Conclusion: A Beacon of Hope and Unity


The Jewish Federation of Palm Beach County stands as a testament to hope, unity, and unwavering commitment. Through their efforts to strengthen Jewish identity, support Israel, and cater to unique community needs, they weave a future filled with diversity, inclusivity, and transparency. In their dedication to these values, the Federation continues to sculpt a brighter, more connected future for all.



Address: 1 Harvard Cir #100, West Palm Beach, FL 33409, United States


Phone: 561.478.0700




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