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Lady Freethinker
Lady Freethinker


Lady Freethinker

A nonprofit group called Lady Freethinker is committed to promoting both animal and human rights. Nina Jackel, a former journalist and author who is enthusiastic about battling animal cruelty and human injustices all around the world, created the group in 2013.

The promotion and defence of animal rights are two of Lady Freethinker’s main duties. The group is dedicated to putting an end to all forms of animal mistreatment, including industrial farming, animal testing, and animal abandonment, and they fight diligently to expose these practises and put an end to them. In addition, Lady Freethinker supports groups that fight to safeguard endangered species and promotes animal rescue and adoption.

The group also promotes human rights and seeks to prevent injustices against people like child labour, human trafficking, and worker exploitation. In order to help groups working to meet people’s fundamental needs for things like food, water, shelter, and education, Lady Freethinker works to promote awareness and financial support.

Also, Lady Freethinker undertakes several campaigns to raise awareness of various social concerns. To support Black Lives Matter and promote police reform in the US, for instance, the organisation started a campaign in 2020. Lady Freethinker is also involved in the promotion and advocacy of gender equality and women’s rights, particularly in regions where women are disproportionately impacted by poverty and violence.

Finally, Lady Freethinker provides a platform for individuals to get involved and make a difference. The organization offers a variety of ways for individuals to support their mission, such as through volunteering, making donations, or participating in social media campaigns.

Overall, Lady Freethinker is a leading organization in advocating for animal and human rights, and is making a positive impact in the world by raising awareness and fighting against social injustices.



Address: Lady Freethinker 12405 Venice Blvd #390 Los Angeles, CA, 90066

Phone:  (310) 626-1950




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