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Latin American Women's Aid


Latin American Women’s Aid (LAWA)

A UK-based nonprofit organization called Latin American Women’s Aid (LAWA) offers assistance to Latin American and Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) women who are victims of gender-based abuse, homelessness, and poverty. By offering a variety of customized assistance alternatives, the organization’s services are created to suit the specific needs of BME survivors of abuse.

Chia House and Mawu House are two refuges run by LAWA in secret places for women and children suffering domestic abuse. These safe havens provide BME women a place to heal and develop, as well as emotional and practical assistance programs that are individually designed to meet the requirements of each woman and her child.

Moreover, LAWA provides BME women with counseling services that provide therapeutic assistance in Portuguese, Spanish, and English. The organization’s therapy sessions are free, personalized, and culturally appropriate, offering a secure and private discussions for the effected individuals.

In collaboration with English for Action, LAWA also offers ESOL lessons to women from South America and BME communities. A platform for intersectional and intergenerational feminism, the organization’s Change Maker Program encourages sisterhood, solidarity, and individual and communal strength with the goal of empowering women to become change agents. The group also offers a drop-in program that gives assistance with problems relating to job, housing, education, and benefits, as well as non-domestic violence support.

The programs offered by LAWA are generally aimed at empowering BME women by giving them a secure, encouraging, and judgment-free environment in which to rehabilitate and heal from the trauma of gender-based violence. The organization supports social inclusion and women’s empowerment by providing a variety of specialized support alternatives, including refuges, counseling, English language lessons, and a Change Maker Program. This helps BME women in the UK break the cycle of poverty and abuse.

Tags: Women against Homelessness and Abuse (WAHA, Black and minority ethnic women, gender violence, domestic violence, refuges, advice and support, counseling, English lessons, benefits, the Change Maker Programme, intersectionality, feminism, community support, and empowerment.







Safe homes for each and everyone wether they are Latin American or Black or minority ethnic women who are suffering gender based abuse.




In-house counselling program offering psychotherapy help in English, Portuguese, and Spanish.



Drop-in services

Assistance with problems including job, housing, education, and benefits.


Program for Latina and BME women to address issues like gender inequality and intersectionality.

WAHA Initiative

Advocating for improvements in housing policy and practice for Black and other minority ethnic women.

Services for children and young people

Specialized services for BME children and teenagers, including counselling in their native tongue.




Address: 206, The Colouroworks Building, 2 Abbot St, London E8 3DP, UK


Phone:  02072750321

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