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logo Women Against Abuse

Leading NGO Women Against Abuse is committed to speaking up for those who have experienced domestic abuse. The organization is dedicated to provide those who are facing intimate partner violence high-quality, compassionate, and nonjudgmental assistance. One of the biggest domestic abuse organizations in the nation is Women Against Abuse, which has its headquarters in Philadelphia.

Women Against Abuse offers a wide variety of services to help victims regain their safety, autonomy, and respect. These services include of transitional housing, legal assistance, counselling, and support groups in addition to emergency shelter. The organization’s emergency shelter offers survivors and their kids a safe and secure place to stay as they flee an abusive circumstance. For survivors who are prepared to leave the shelter but still want assistance finding permanent home, there is also the option of transitional housing.

In Philadelphia, Women Against Abuse has been the only organization to provide refuge to those who have been victims of domestic violence since 1977. The group also runs a pioneering legal facility in the US that represents only victims of domestic violence.

The group’s commitment to helping survivors goes beyond responding to the urgent crisis at hand, and into the long-term by providing continuous educational and vocational training for the general public. Women Against Abuse continues to serve as a key resource for victims of domestic abuse in Philadelphia by emphasizing survivor empowerment and long-term survivor safety and welfare. The 24-hour, citywide hotline is run by Women Against Abuse and serves as a focal point for crisis counseling, safety planning, and referrals. The group also offers training to professionals, students, survivors, and members of the community on how to stop the cycle of abuse and stay away from harmful relationships. The company serves as an example of best practices, assesses customer requirements and impacts, and is recognized for its leadership.

In conclusion, Women Against Abuse is an excellent non-profit organization that provides crucial aid to women who are abused in personal relationships. The organization is committed to improving victim safety, autonomy, and dignity and has a positive influence on the lives of thousands of adults and children in Philadelphia via its direct services, community education, prevention, and advocacy activities.


Call domestic Violence Hotline – 1-866-723-3014



Address: 100 South Broad Street, Suite 1341 Philadelphia, PA 19102

Phone:  215.386.1280

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