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MHA - Mental Health America
Mental Health America


MHA – Mental Health America

For more than a century, Mental Health America (MHA), a national nonprofit, has worked to advance mental wellness and assist those who are suffering from mental illness. The group has played a significant role in the creation of programmes and services for those with mental health issues, such as support, advocacy, and education. Their goal is to establish a society in which everyone has access to the tools they need to attain mental and emotional well-being.

A variety of services are provided by MHA to assist rehabilitation, improve mental health, and prevent mental health disorders. Their services are created to meet the particular requirements of people, families, and communities all around the country. The organisation has created a number of projects and programmes with the goal of assisting people of all ages in achieving and maintaining mental health.

The MHA’s mental health screening programme, which offers free online screening tools to assist people examine their mental health, is one of the organization’s most important programmes. These examinations may assist people in recognising the signs of mental health disorders and motivate them to seek assistance if required. Aiming to raise awareness and comprehension of mental health disorders, MHA also offers educational materials on mental health, such as articles, films, and infographics.


MHA also provides advocacy services to advance laws and initiatives that aid in mental health. To increase access to mental health resources and services, they collaborate with policymakers at the local, state, and federal levels. Also, they support legislation that deals with issues like racism, poverty, and prejudice that are social determinants of mental health.

The support and referral services offered by MHA are another important service. They have a nationwide network of affiliates that provide assistance and services for mental health to people and families in their neighbourhood areas. Peer support, crisis intervention, and information and referral services are among the MHA’s support services.

In conclusion, for more than a century, Mental Health America has been a pioneer in the promotion of mental health. Its offerings are intended to help rehabilitation, avoid mental health issues, and improve mental wellness. The organization’s programmes include services for support and referral, advocacy, and mental health screening. MHA is a vital resource for people, families, and communities throughout the country because of their dedication to fostering a society in which everyone has access to the tools they need to attain mental and emotional well-being.



Address: 500 Montgomery Street, Suite 820 Alexandria, VA. 22314


Phone:  +1 800-969-6642

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