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Mid-Ohio FoodBank


Title: Mid-Ohio FoodBank

Fighting Hunger and Nourishing Communities



Mid-Ohio FoodBank is an advanced logistics organization and the largest food bank in Ohio, serving a significant number of individuals and families facing food insecurity. With a mission to end hunger and provide aid to eligible individuals in the region, Mid-Ohio FoodBank plays a vital role in addressing food insecurity through its distribution network and community programs.

Vision and Mission

Mid-Ohio FoodBank is dedicated to ending hunger and providing pathways for individuals and families in need. They aim to close the 144 million-meal gap in the region and serve as a reliable source of nourishing food and support for the community. By distributing over 170,000 meals each day and working with a network of member agencies, Mid-Ohio FoodBank strives to create a future where hunger is no longer a barrier to well-being.

All Services

Mid-Ohio FoodBank offers a wide range of services to address immediate food needs, promote nutrition education, and empower individuals and families to overcome food insecurity. Some of their key services include:

  1. Immediate Food Access: Through their network of 680 member agencies. Mid-Ohio FoodBank ensures that food reaches those who need it. They provide local access to nutritious food, helping stabilize families in the region.
  2. Program Understanding: Mid-Ohio FoodBank assists individuals in understanding and accessing various programs aimed at addressing food insecurity. They provide guidance on SNAP enrollment, WIC for pregnant and breastfeeding women, and nutrition support programs, empowering individuals to make the most of available resources.
  3. Addressing Causes of Food Insecurity: The FoodBank recognizes the root causes of food insecurity and offers specialized programs to target specific communities affected by high overdose rates. These programs, such as addiction recovery services, provide equal mental health and substance use resources, ensuring comprehensive support for those in need.
  4. Advocacy and Education: Mid-Ohio FoodBank believes in the power of advocacy and education to combat hunger effectively. They equip partner agencies with educational classes and training workshops, empowering them to support their communities more effectively.

Become a Volunteer

Mid-Ohio FoodBank welcomes volunteers who want to make a positive impact in their community. Volunteers play a crucial role in sorting and packing food, assisting with distribution events, and supporting administrative tasks. By volunteering with The FoodBank, individuals can contribute to the fight against hunger and be part of a supportive and compassionate community.

Make Donations

Donations are vital to support FoodBank’s mission of providing nourishing meals and fostering a sustainable community. Individuals can make monetary donations through their website, establishing a donor account or contacting their local food pantry or meal site. The FoodBank also accepts surplus crops from farmers, reducing waste and landfill usage while supporting tax deductions. Donors may receive tax benefits, and the organization recognizes the importance of their support through various channels.


Mid-Ohio FoodBank plays a pivotal role in fighting hunger and nourishing communities in Ohio. With their advanced logistics system, extensive network of member agencies, and commitment to transparency and community support, Mid-Ohio FoodBank strives to make a significant impact in addressing food insecurity. By becoming a volunteer or making a donation, individuals can contribute to the organization’s mission of creating hunger-free communities and fostering a sustainable future for all.



Address: 3960 Brookham Drive | Grove City, Ohio 43123 | U.S.A


Phone:  +1 614-277-3663


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