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Mid-South Food Bank
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Mid-South Food Bank

Since its inception in November 1981 as a MIFA program, the Mid-South Food Bank has been a non-profit organization dedicated to battling starvation. The organization, which has its headquarters in Memphis, Tennessee, endeavors to provide nutritious food to the famished and food-insecure in 31 counties in West Tennessee, North Mississippi, and East Arkansas.

Establishment of 300 associate agencies

The establishment of 300 associate agencies that aid in the distribution of sustenance to the destitute is one of the organization’s greatest accomplishments. These associate organizations consist of food banks, charity kitchens, shelters, and other non-profits. Additionally, the food bank operates mobile pantries that can reach remote locations and communities where people in need of food reside.

The Organization understands the significance of providing nutritious food to the individuals it serves. The organization’s Healthy School Pantry program provides sustenance before and after school hours to low-income families. The Kids BackPack program provides children without access to nutritious food outside of school hours with six-meal backpacks. In contrast, the Kids Cafe program provides children with cooked, nutritious meals after school and during the summer.

The Organization also operates the Hunger’s Hope Partner Agencies program. This program is intended to assist organizations fighting starvation and destitution in their respective communities. The Hunger’s Hope Partner Agencies program provides these organizations with training, technical assistance, and resources to better serve their clients.

Additionally, the Organization offers SNAP assistance to qualified individuals and families. The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance initiative (SNAP) is a federal initiative that assists low-income households in purchasing nutritious food. Additionally, the organization administers Nutrition on Wheels, a program that provides seniors who are unable to leave their residences with sustenance and nutrition education.

The Mid-South Food Bank’s mission is to eliminate starvation in the communities it serves, and with the assistance of contributions from individuals, corporations, and government agencies, it is making substantial progress toward that objective. A $1 contribution to the Organization can provide three meals to individuals in need.



Address: 3865 South Perkins

Memphis, TN 38118


Phone:  9015270841

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