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MSI Reproductive Choices
MSI Reproductive Choices


MSI United States

An group called MSI United States Global Strategy seeks to provide all people who need them access to sexual and reproductive health treatments that may change their lives. By 2030, the group aspires to make sure that no abortion is dangerous and that everyone who desires it has access to safe, contemporary means of contraception of their choice. Such objectives are not simple to achieve, but MSI United States has created a number of plans to make it happen.

Never leave someone behind is one of the fundamental tactics. This indicates that MSI United States will put forth great effort to improve teen, very poor, and disadvantaged population access to sexual and reproductive health services. The organisation wants to make sure that everyone has the option to choose their own reproductive health by interacting with these groups.

Another significant option is to build ties with the corporate sector. By forming these alliances, MSI United States hopes to provide women access to safer care alternatives while reducing their dependence on risky ones. In order to provide women greater direct control over their reproductive healthcare, the group also wants to deliver dependable, high-quality contraception and medical abortion/post-abortion care goods through pharmacies.

Six service delivery channels operated by MSI United States provide high-quality, customer-centered care. Centers, MSI Ladies, outreach, the public sector, social franchise, and social marketing are some of these outlets. In towns and cities, the organisation operates more than 300 facilities that provide reproductive health care. To reach women and adolescents who are unable to obtain contraceptive services owing to stigma and other obstacles, MSI Ladies, on the other hand, are mobile midwives and nurses that visit clients in their homes or work in the community.

Reaching individuals in the world’s most distant and difficult-to-reach places is a goal shared by outreach teams, public sector employees, franchisees, and social marketing platforms. To advance the knowledge and abilities of healthcare professionals, MSI United States works to deliver high-quality, easily accessible, and cheap contraception as well as safe abortion.

In conclusion, MSI United States Global Strategy is an organisation committed to ensuring that all people in need of life-changing sexual and reproductive health services may receive them. The United States is on the right track to reaching its ambitious objectives through to collaborations with the private sector, cutting-edge service delivery methods, and a dedication to leave no one behind.




Address: Washington, DC 20033 USA


Phone:  +44 20 7636 6200

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