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In 1992, a number of immigrant women in the Bay Area saw the need to confront the problem of domestic violence and founded the nonprofit organization Narika to do so. The organization is dedicated to helping domestic violence survivors achieve independence, economic empowerment, and general well-being through advocacy, support, and education. Narika’s advocates are compassionate and knowledgeable, and they provide assistance in a manner that respects their clients’ culture and beliefs.

One of the key resources offered by Narika is the private, toll-free Helpline at 1-800-215-7308. The hotline is a one-of-a-kind resource that enables South Asian immigrants to the United States to speak in confidence with advocates who not only speak their language but also provide immediate assistance. Narika’s advocates help clients get legal, housing, and mental health treatment, as well as access services such as translation and interpretation and providing recommendations to resources like housing, counseling, benefits, and employment.

Narika’s advocacy work is essential, and the organization believes that everyone deserves a life free of fear and abuse. Advocates empower clients and help them fulfill their full potential by making them strong and believing in the organization’s mission. In one year, Narika’s advocates answered over 1,500 phone calls and emails to the Helpline, and the organization’s extensive referral system has benefited around 200 individuals.

Narika’s HEAL program is part of the organization’s initiative to create grassroots community circles and deliver health and wellness workshops to promote women’s holistic self-care and overall growth. The program is designed to build a community for immigrant women, especially those from South Asia, to interact and give mutual help and support. The workshops will be led by subject matter experts who will encourage attendees to consider themes of empowerment, domestic violence, and the community’s role in prevention.

The Narika Fremont Food Justice Program provides food and other basics to individuals in need, especially survivors and limited income families. The nonprofit provides cleaning goods, baby wipes, decent food, pantry staples, and fresh veggies to low-income survivors in order to aid them in finding productive employment and safe housing.

Narika is committed to building a healthy and prosperous community by understanding the difficulties its people confront. The organization’s services and programs are culturally sensitive and create a support network for immigrant populations. Through its various initiatives, Narika is empowering women to become agents of change in their communities and to provide crucial aid to women who are presently experiencing prejudice, abuse, or domestic violence.



Address: FREMONT, CA 94538, USA


OFFICE: (510) 444-6068

CRISIS LINE: 1-800-215-7308

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