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National Indigenous Women's Resource Center


National Indigenous Women’s Resource Center

The non-profit National Indigenous Women’s Resource Center is an ally for Native American women and their families (NIWRC). Since its start in 2012, the non-profit has established several projects to empower Native American women, promote social justice, and prevent gender-based violence.

The organization is a national organization that provides technical assistance, policy development, training, resource sharing, and advocacy to help Native American women and their communities combat intimate partner violence, sexual assault, sex trafficking, and stalking.

To successfully address the difficulties encountered by Native American women and their families, the organization has devised a multidimensional, culturally sensitive approach that takes into consideration the traditions and beliefs of the community. NIWRC seeks to improve Native American women and their communities via projects in education, healing, and community renewal.

The National Tribal Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Coalition is a crucial component of the NIWRC. The program seeks to enhance indigenous communities’ responses to sexual assault, sexual abuse, and sex trafficking. The effort promotes collaboration between tribal governments, law enforcement agencies, service providers, and advocacy organizations in order to assist native communities in developing their own solutions to these issues.

NIWRC provides technical assistance to activists, service providers, and tribal governments in an effort to satisfy the special needs of Native American women and their families. Training, information sharing, and policy development are all components of the organization’s technical support, which strives to enable the development of programs that are effective, sensitive, and culturally appropriate.

NIWRC provides the StrongHearts Native Hotline as an additional useful service. Native Americans who are victims of domestic violence, dating violence, or stalking may contact the hotline and speak with a qualified professional in an anonymous and secure setting. Advocates on the hotline are knowledgeable with Native American traditions and may provide clients with help that respects their history.

In conclusion, the Resource Center is a vital organization that assists Native American women and their families achieve stability and happiness. The work of the NIWRC is important to advancing social justice, eradicating gender-based violence, and rebuilding Native American communities.




Address: 515 Lame Deer Ave. Lame Deer, MT 59043


Phone:  406.477.3896

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