North Paddington Foodbank


North Paddington Foodbank

The North Paddington Foodbank is a London-based non-profit organisation that gives emergency food to those in need. Food is one of the most fundamental human requirements, and no family wants to go without it. A 54% rise in the energy price ceiling, however, would force more low-income people to choose between food, heat, and other necessities.

The primary role of the North Paddington Foodbank is the provision of food store gift cards to persons in need within the neighbourhood, as well as financial counselling. The food bank has adopted the “Cash First” policy due to its overwhelming success. This technique enables recipients to choose and pay for their own meals with more independence and dignity.

North Paddington Foodbank only assists those suggested by one of their approved referral partners. These organisations may provide assistance to households that bring their financial concerns to the food bank. The Citizens Advice Bureau, Age UK, Asylum Aid, Community Living Well, Shelter Westminster, Cardinal Hume Centre, The Passage, Carers Network, and Nucleus Legal and Debt Advisory Service combine to provide recommendations. To ensure that families get financial advice and help, the North Paddington Foodbank does not accept self-referrals and instead requests that they be referred.

Due to its affiliation with the Fuel Foundation, the North Paddington Foodbank is able to provide gasoline assistance to those in need. When a family is struggling to make ends meet, the food bank will issue petrol coupons. These coupons may only be used in conjunction with prepayment metres and/or cards. Due to the fact that it is not the voucher’s distributor and does not accept self-referrals, the food bank is unable to help with fuel voucher issues. You may speak with voucher support on the Auriga website.

Lastly, the infant bank of the North Paddington Foodbank may be able to help Westminster families. Families in need of assistance are need to register in person at the Queens Park Family Hub. The Baby Bank Support supplies babies and young children (ages 0-5) with clothing, diapers, and other personal care products in order to aid underprivileged families.

Lastly, the North Paddington Foodbank in Westminster is a vital institution that aids a huge number of people in times of financial need. The primary purpose of the food bank is to give consumers with financial advise and emergency funds in the form of grocery store gift cards, fuel bank assistance, and baby bank vouchers. If you are experiencing financial hardship, one of the recognised referral partners may recommend you to a food bank.



Address: 57 Goldney Road London, W9 2AR


Phone:  07932 623443


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