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Refuge, Safeguarding Survivors of Domestic Abuse Violence against women and even against men is a global issue that requires urgent attention. In the UK, Shelter works against this social problem. For victims of domestic abuse and gender-based violence, Refuge offers both life-saving and life-altering support.

In Chiswick, West London, Refuge opened the first women’s and children’s safe house in 1971. Before then, domestic violence was handled discreetly and society turned a blind eye to it. Refuge has been combating domestic violence ever since.

Ending domestic abuse and ensuring the safety of women and children are Refuge’s top priorities. They believe in a world free from fear and violence and provide survivors the finest care possible. The staff at Refuge are experts in domestic violence and gender-based violence and are aware of the distinct needs of women and children.

The organisation advocates changing the law to protect survivors. Refuge advocates for laws, policies, and practises that safeguard victims of domestic violence and stop further abuse. They work together with other important organisations to exchange information and boost impact. Refuge continuously learns, develops, and innovates based on what works by using the input, experience, and skills of survivors. They also impart knowledge on how to respond to domestic abuse to local professionals, including police, teachers, and doctors.

The shift in viewpoint at Refuge stops additional abuse. They say gender inequality must be addressed to abolish domestic violence, a gendered crime. They carry out acclaimed national awareness campaigns to calm battered victims and inform the public about domestic violence. They train professionals who support battered women and combat gender inequality, which is the root cause of domestic violence. Males who assault women and girls do so because of gender inequality.

The refuge programme aids victims of gender-based abuse. The staff at Refuge are experts in providing support for gender-based abuse. The organisation also offers assistance to women who have experienced prostitution, forced marriage, stalking, FGM, domestic violence, sexual assault, “honor”-based violence, modern-day slavery, and human trafficking.

Children are made to feel safe, welcome, and secure by Refuge’s qualified child support personnel. With help, abused children may recover and have secure, happy lives. Turning kids against their moms or threatening to hurt or kidnap them are two examples of abuse. Children are supported by shelter outside of refuges at one-stop shops and secure public spaces.

Shelter also helps men who are victims of violence in the home or elsewhere. They understand how difficult it may be for men to ask for help, but they believe no one should have to live in constant fear of abuse.

Services Offered by Refuge

Life-saving and life-changing services for survivors of domestic and gender-based violence

Advocacy for policy changes to better protect survivors and prevent future abuse

Evidence-led services continuously improved based on survivor feedback, knowledge, and experience

Specialist training for staff, volunteers, and professionals on responding to domestic abuse

National awareness-raising campaigns on domestic violence and gender inequality

Support for women who have experienced various forms of gender-based violence

Dedicated child support workers to help children feel safe and secure

Support for men experiencing domestic abuse or other forms of violence




Address: 3rd Floor One America Square 17 Crosswall London EC3N 2LB


Phone:  0207 395 7731

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