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Roadrunner Food Bank


Roadrunner Food Bank

Fighting Hunger and Nourishing Communities



Roadrunner Food Bank of New Mexico is a food assistance organization dedicated to combating hunger and ensuring that individuals and families have access to nutritious meals. Through various programs and partnerships, they strive to make a positive impact on the community.


Vision and Mission

Their vision :  hunger-free New Mexico – everyone has access to healthy and nourishing food.

Their mission :

  • Providing food assistance
  • Advocating to eliminate hunger causing policies.


All Services

Roadrunner Food Bank offers a range of services to address hunger and support communities:


  1. Food Distribution: The organization supplies food to various partner organizations throughout the state of New Mexico. Through this network of member organizations, they ensure that nutritious meals reach individuals and families in need.


  1. Summer Meals Program: Roadrunner  recognizes the challenge caregivers face in providing enough meals for children during the summer when school meals are not available. They encourage people to get involved and support their summer meals program to ensure that every child has enough to eat.


  1. Financial Contributions: The Food Bank emphasizes the impact of financial contributions in their fight against hunger. Every $1 donation enables them to distribute up to 5 meals. By making a financial contribution, individuals can help provide food to those facing food insecurity.


  1. Volunteer Opportunities: The organization values the gift of time and offers volunteering opportunities for individuals, groups, and employers . By volunteering, individuals can actively contribute to the mission of Roadrunner Food Bank and make a difference in the lives of others.


  1. Food and Fund Drives: Hosting a food and fund drive is another way to support The Food Bank. The organization provides support and resources to ensure successful drives, enabling individuals and communities to come together and make a collective impact in the fight against hunger.


  1. Advocacy and Education: Roadrunner Food Bank recognizes the importance of advocacy and educating others about hunger-related policies.


Become a Volunteer

Individuals interested in becoming a volunteer can contact Roadrunner to inquire about volunteer opportunities. By dedicating their time and skills, volunteers play a vital role in helping the organization distribute food and support their programs.


Make Donations

Roadrunner Food Bank welcomes financial contributions to support their mission. Donations can make a significant impact in providing food to those in need. Individuals can contribute directly to Roadrunner and help alleviate hunger in New Mexico.


Contact Roadrunner Food Bank

For inquiries, feedback, or to get in touch with the Food Bank, individuals can contact them through various channels. The organization operates a distribution hub and staff offices in Albuquerque, with additional staff based in Las Cruces to assist partners in southern New Mexico. Contact can be made via phone or email, and mailing and physical addresses are provided for correspondence. The Food Bank encourages individuals to reach out and share their experiences or report any difficulties encountered.


Roadrunner Food Bank of New Mexico is committed to fighting hunger and nourishing communities. Through their food distribution programs, volunteer opportunities, and advocacy efforts, they strive to create a hunger-free New Mexico where everyone has access to nutritious food. By making financial contributions, volunteering, and getting involved, individuals can actively contribute to the mission of The Food Bank. Contacting the organization directly provides individuals with the opportunity to learn more, get involved, and support their important work.




Address: 5840 Office Blvd NE

Albuquerque, NM 87109


Phone:  505.247.2052


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