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Members of the Department of Defense community who have suffered sexual assault have access to the confidential Safe Helpline at any time, day or night. The safe online chat site, the phone helpline, the Safe Helpline app for mobile devices, the Safe HelpRoom group chat service, and Responders Near Me are just some of the ways the hotline makes its resources available to those in need. RAINN, a national organisation dedicated to ending sexual assault, provides these services at no cost to anyone in need all across the world.

Safe Helpline employees get specialised training in topics like the neurology of trauma, communicating with male survivors, working with LGBTQ+ people, and supporting veterans. Self-paced instructional programmes and referrals to local resources like a Sexual Assault Response Coordinator (SARC) or SAPR Victim Advocate are also available via the hotline (VA).

Safe Helpline provides support to civilian Department of Defense personnel and their families when they are stationed or working overseas. Services are also extended to the American workers of DoD contractors who are authorised to serve in a military mission abroad. Family Advocacy Program (FAP) helps adults and children of service members who have experienced sexual assault (age 17 or younger).

The organisation works closely with the departments of defense and military to guarantee that all users get the care they need at every stage of the recovery process. Protected Hotline Operations Meet Department of Defense SAPR Requirements. The company’s focus is on meeting the needs of the communities it serves in a way that is both equitable and respectful of diverse perspectives. Its stated goal is to meet the needs of the individuals it assists while being sensitive to and accommodating of their cultural backgrounds.


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Address: Attn: DoD Safe Helpline 1220 L Street, NW Suite 500 Washington, DC 20005

Phone:  877-995-5247



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