Sar-El - Volunteers for Israel


Sar-El – Volunteers for Israel: A Beacon of Volunteerism and Cultural Exchange


Introduction to Sar-El


Sar-El – Volunteers for Israel, an organization of distinction, offers a unique platform for global volunteers to engage directly with the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). This initiative stands out as the sole program that integrates international volunteers into IDF bases, promoting a hands-on experience in logistical support roles.


The Mission: Bridging Cultures


The essence of Sar-El lies in its commitment to fostering cultural exchanges. Volunteers from various corners of the globe, alongside local participants, immerse themselves in an environment where cultural understanding and friendships blossom. This melting pot of global cultures serves not just as a volunteer opportunity but as a dynamic cultural exchange.





Volunteering with Purpose


The primary objective of Sar-El is to bolster the security of the State of Israel through civilian support. This is achieved by assigning volunteers to assist in various non-combatant roles within IDF bases. The tasks may range from logistical assistance to other supportive roles, all contributing significantly to the broader objectives of the IDF.


Global Ambassadors of Goodwill


The program takes pride in welcoming friends of Israel to participate. Many volunteers, touched by the richness of their experience, return to their home countries as ‘goodwill ambassadors’. They carry with them stories and perspectives that bridge gaps and foster international understanding.


How to Join the Sar-El Family


Becoming a part of Sar-El is a straightforward process. Prospective volunteers can easily access application forms and necessary information through Sar-El’s official website. This includes details on the program schedule, preparatory advice, and how to stay connected with the community.


Conclusion: A Unique Blend of Service and Culture


In conclusion, Sar-El stands as a unique intersection of volunteer service and cultural exchange. Its contribution to the security of Israel, coupled with its role in cultivating global friendships and understanding, marks it as an exemplary model in the world of volunteerism. By participating in Sar-El, volunteers not only contribute to a noble cause but also embark on a journey of personal growth and international camaraderie.


  • Website: Sar-El Website

  • Address: Sar-El PO Box 953, Kiron 5510802, Israel

  • Email:

  • Phone: 03-682-9743

  • Fax: 03-681-4769

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