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Scottish Women’s Aid

Scottish Women’s Help is a nonprofit group that supports and helps women, kids, and teenagers who have endured domestic violence in Scotland. A group of women who realised Scotland needed a coordinated response to domestic violence created the organisation in 1976. Scottish Women’s Help now consists of a network of 36 organisations spread around Scotland that collaborate to provide a variety of services to those who have experienced domestic violence.

The primary service provided by Scottish Women’s Aid to women and children who are victims of domestic violence is crisis assistance. This might involve providing temporary housing in a secure location, helping beneficiaries access benefits in a practical way, and providing emotional support from volunteers and qualified personnel. Also, the group provides guidance, information, and assistance to anybody impacted by domestic violence via a hotline that is available around-the-clock, seven days a week.

Women and children who have suffered domestic violence may also get advocacy services from Scottish Women’s Aid, which can guide them through the court system and provide them the assistance and safety they need. This may involve aid with getting court orders, such as protection orders against domestic violence and non-harassment orders, as well as support with housing and financial issues.


In addition to providing direct assistance, Scottish Women’s Aid also engages in a variety of initiatives to promote change at the federal level and increase public understanding of domestic violence. In order to guarantee that survivors’ voices are heard and that laws and policies are in place to protect women and children from domestic violence, the group collaborates with lawmakers and policy makers. Scottish Women’s Aid also promotes awareness of domestic violence by educating the public and running awareness-raising activities.

Training and assistance for professionals who deal with women and children who have suffered domestic violence is a crucial component of Scottish Women’s Aid’s work. To ensure that they are able to spot and react to domestic violence effectively, this involves training for police officers, social workers, and health professionals.

Overall, Scottish Women’s Aid is a crucial organisation that offers women, children, and young people who have endured domestic violence in Scotland critical support and help. Its array of services, advocacy efforts, and educational programmes significantly aid in the battle against domestic violence and the defence of individuals who are impacted by it.



Address: 2nd Floor, 132 Rose Street, Edinburgh,  Scotland EH2 3JD

Phone: 0131 226 660


Phone:  0800 027 1234


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