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Second Harvest Community Food Bank


Second Harvest Community Food Bank: Nourishing Hope, Fighting Hunger



Second Harvest Community Food Bank, situated in St. Joseph, Missouri, emerges as an indispensable powerhouse that combats hunger among low-income families since its establishment in 1981. With an unwavering dedication to nourish and infuse hope into the underprivileged in Northwest Missouri and Northeast Kansas, this food bank not only serves but also empowers the local region in their unrelenting battle against hunger.

By fostering strategic alliances, facilitating the distribution of fresh sustenance, and actively involving the community, Second Harvest Community Food Bank relentlessly pursues a future unburdened by hunger within its community.

Providing Nourishment to the Community

Deeply embedded within the very essence of the Food Bank lies an unwavering dedication—an unyielding vow to bestow sustenance upon the destitute. Fueling their purpose is an unbreakable resolve to cater to the hunger-stricken, extending a helping hand when nourishment seems scarce. Every month, the food bank distributes fresh produce and lean protein to 26 locations within its 19-county service area. By ensuring access to nutritious food, the organization addresses the immediate needs of individuals and families facing hunger, promoting health and well-being.


Engaging and Empowering the Community

Second Harvest Community Food Bank understands the importance of engaging and empowering the community to effectively fight hunger. Through collaborative efforts and partnerships with businesses, organizations, and individuals, the food bank harnesses the collective power of the community to make a lasting impact. By involving the region in their mission, Second Harvest Community Food Bank creates a sense of ownership and fosters a shared responsibility to alleviate hunger.


Food Fight: Making a Difference

The Food Fight initiative provides an opportunity for individuals and businesses to contribute to Second Harvest Community Food Bank’s efforts. By participating in the Food Fight and making donations, community members can directly support the food bank’s mission. This initiative serves as a tangible way for individuals to join the fight against hunger and make a positive impact on their community.


Building a Hunger-Free Future

Second Harvest Community Food Bank envisions a hunger-free Northwest Missouri and Northeast Kansas. By continually working towards this vision, the food bank strives to create a future where no individual or family experiences the debilitating effects of hunger. Through the distribution of nutritious food, advocacy, and community engagement, Second Harvest Community Food Bank takes significant steps towards ending hunger in the region.



The Food Bank has been a pillar of support for low-income families in Northwest Missouri and Northeast Kansas since 1981. Through their commitment to providing nourishment and hope, the food bank plays a vital role in addressing hunger in the community. By engaging and empowering the region, partnering with businesses and organizations, and involving individuals through initiatives like Food Fight, The Food Bank brings the community together in the fight against hunger. Join them in creating a future where everyone has access to the nourishment they need and where hunger is a thing of the past.





Address: 915 Douglas Street

St. Joseph, Missouri 64505


Phone:  8163643663

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