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Shakti Women’s Aid
Shakti Women’s Aid


Shakti Women’s Aid

Scottish-based Shakti Women’s Aid supports, advocates for, and creates safe places for Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) women, young people, and children who are victims of sexual assault, domestic abuse, and forced marriage including various forms of gender-based violence. Since its establishment in 1986, the group has established itself as a prominent voice in Scotland’s battle against gender-based violence.

The 24-hour hotline, which is accessible to women, children, and young people from BME groups who are suffering violence or who are at danger of abuse, is one of the primary services offered by Shakti Women’s Aid. The helpline’s team is made up of qualified individuals who can provide guidance, emotional support, and information about relevant programmes. The group also offers assistance with housing and legal matters, as well as support and advocacy services.

Children and young people who have suffered domestic violence or other types of gender-based violence may also get help from Shakti Women’s Aid. The organization’s youth service offers a secure and encouraging setting where kids and teenagers may examine their experiences, express their emotions, and develop resilience and self-worth.

The prevention and education programme, which seeks to increase awareness of domestic abuse, forced marriage, and other types of gender-based violence in BME communities, is another significant service offered by Shakti Women’s Aid. To educate community members, service providers, and professionals on the effects of gender-based violence and how to help survivors, the group conducts seminars, training sessions, and events.

Moreover, Shakti Women’s Help aims to address the particular difficulties experienced by BME women who are victims of violence. The organisation strives to make sure that its programmes are accessible and attentive to cultural differences since it is aware that these women often experience extra obstacles to receiving treatment, such as language and cultural hurdles.

In general, Shakti Women’s Aid is essential in helping BME women, kids, and teenagers who are victims of gender-based violence in Scotland. The group works to promote a safer and more fair society for all women and children via a variety of services, advocacy initiatives, and preventive and education programmes. Contact Shakti Women’s Help for support and assistance if you or someone you know is a victim of gender-based violence in Scotland.




Address: Shakti Women’s Aid 57 Albion Road Edinburgh EH7 5QY


Phone:  0131 475 2399

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